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Happy to be the owner now of a new set of AP2's

Steve D

Received my new set of AP2's today.  Played hooky from work this afternoon and shot a 74.  Hitting these a little higher with the softer shafts, but I've gained a half club distance from my old set of Cally's.  Not because they are Titleist, but because they are the best, I've now got the set I've always wanted..


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  1. Cameron D


    Thanks for the great feedback and hope you enjoy your new clubs!



  2. Brian D

    Glad you are enjoying the new sticks.  I am hoping to get my new set soon.  Enjoy your rounds with them.  You will not regret moving away from the darkside.  Welcome to Titliest!

  3. Don T

    Glad to hear all the great feedback on the New AP2's! Ordered my set last week. Living in Colorado, I'm just hoping to get them in my hot little hands on them before the snow flies to badly... Smile

    Been playing AP1's the last 4 years and loved them but when I went down to get new 714's..... wound up hitting the AP2's much better! Love the way they looked and felt!!

     Can't wait to put them in my bag!!


  4. Allen L

    Playing hookey never gets old.  Playing hookey with a new set of Titleist, is better.  Playing hookey with new Titleist's and scoring well, nothing better ...


    I am hoping to receive mine soon too. What was the release date?

  6. Steve D

    Just an update on the clubs.  One day after getting them, I was asked to fill in for the club's Member-Guest since one of the players dropped out (I had not planned to play since it was starting on Friday).  After hitting the new AP2's for only one day, I still felt more confident using the AP2's than the cally's I had been using everyday for the the past 5 months.  The most amazing difference is from the 4-7 irons, they feel so much more solid, easier to trust for the full carry to the pin.  I feel I can swing easier and produce the identical results, making those longer iron shots so much easier.  Now on our longer par 3's I'm using the 4 iron instead of the the hybrid, having no trouble with the longer carry.  Even considering putting a 3 iron back in the bag....


  7. clayton t

    hi steve  i love my ap2s great clubs

  8. Brandon C

    The official release date is November 8th. Anyone that already have their hands on a set must have inside help of some kind. ;)

  9. phil



    What is the difference in True Temper XP 95 R-300 vs R-100?

    Is this shaft ok for the 714 AP 2's?



  10. clayton t

    i have 2 sets ap2 one is 710s i bought then last january they were brand new never used plastic still on them then were stolen in aug.  someone left 712s at my door last week later in the week police recovered them at pawn shop i do not have 714 as of yet

  11. Cameron D


    The only difference is 2g in weight.  They will have all the same ball flight/spin characteristics.  It is a very good shaft for players looking for a light weight steel shaft that promotes a mid/high launch. 



  12. Steve D

    My old irons had a set of KBS tour shafts, these are TT Dynalite XL r300's.  I thought I'd lose a little something with the shaft change, but the TT's are lighter and much softer, absolutely perfect.  I hit a 7 about 165, had played with stiff shafts up until turning 50 and thought, the softer shafts were the way to go.  I can swing easier, flight the ball lower and still haven't lost any yardage.  The wedges especially, have a boring flight that doesn't get abused much by the wind.  Anyone changing has new fun on the horizon...

  13. Tyler H

    Here's to hoping that my order ships before the release date and more specifically before the Team Titleist event in Austin.


  14. Norris

    Hello Don; Just curious as to a little info. I've had my AP1's for a year now, and have always wondered about the AP2's. (I'm about a 15 HDC) If you don't mind telling me about what handicap your playing and what shaft you ordered for your 2's? About what distance, and ball flight were you getting with your AP'1's compared to the AP2's, and could you tell much difference in forgiveness. Thanks for any more info you can give me.  Norris:

  15. Karl H

    Order mine last week, they are telling me November 8th, can't wait..

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