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New 714 AP1/AP2's ordered! - Birthday present to myself

chris b

Yesterday was a great day . . . I gave myself a birthday present!  I was fitted for my new Titleist 714 irons.  I went with 3, 4 iron in the AP1 and the AP2 5-PW . . . all with the Project X PXi 5.5 shafts.  The feel of the shaft and the launch were perfect.  I can't wait till the irons ship!  It's just a shame that they had to come out right when its getting colder so the ball isn't going to fly as far.  Oh well ... I am still excited to play with the BEST IRONS on the planet!  I will post again after my first round with results.  Time to have a roadtrip to somewhere warm!!

Way to go Titleist!  You truly are #1 in Golf!

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  1. Eddie S

    Awesome, I'm so freaking jealous. Looking at getting the same set up.  How do the ap1s look at address?

  2. andy r

    They look awesome , last week I was fitted and decided on the AP1's, delivery date is 11/8. In the immortal words of Bart Scott ........CAN'T WAIT  !!

  3. chris b

    Fantastic!  Barely any noticeable offset. Top line much thinner than its predecessor ... very hard to discerne from the AP2. They truly are a players iron. Pretty pricey but I am sure well worth it. I can't wait for Nov 8th to get here 

  4. Christopher T

    Congrats on the new set of sticks. I am going to get fitted and order mine up in coming weeks. I am also thinking about getting a mixed set, with the AP1 long irons and AP2 short irons. But if how I was hitting the new AP2 is any indication I might just get a full set of those. Well enjoy the new clubs and let us know how they play.
  5. Tim Tiger

    Congrats.  Truly great sticks.   Got mine coming in  AP2 5-pw w/ DG S400's

    Happy Dance


  6. Jeff H

    In October here in Arizona they had a launch of the new irons. They are sweet feeling. My have been ordered and should be here in a couple of days. Can't wait to put them in play!!!!!!!!
  7. Lex K

    just did the same about a month ago as an early birthday present to myself. I went with the AP2 712 and love them! hitting them way more accurate then my old ones and about 5-10 yds longer depending on club. I have had a couple rounds with them but this sunday will prably be my last round of the year.... sad sad time of year.

  8. Robert W

    Congrats!  I get fitted next week.  Can't wait.

  9. Eric S

    Ordered mine a week ago. Went with the 714 ap1 4-5 and ap2 6-pw x100 softstepped. Do we know when they will be shipped? Should we expect them on the 8th or is that the day they ship em out? It's hard to be patient when it's all you can think about! :-)

  10. chris b

    Depends on when you placed the order I guess.  I was told mine would be here on the 8th or the beginning of next week.  Anticipation is killing me!  

  11. chris b

    Just confirmed!  Will be shipping from TItleist on Friday!!  They will be here next week!!  Praying for good weather!!  WHOO HOO!!

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