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735 CM irons

Brendan H

I am playing  with a set of 695 CB at the moment  a friend of mine is selling a set of 735 cm irons NS 100 stiff shafts can you advice me on weather i should change ?


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  1. Clifford M

    I've played with both.  My thoughts are that the 735 CM's are better on mishits from 3-6 irons.  Trajectory control is better on the 695 CB. short irons.  Workability is a push.  You didn't mention what kind of shafts you have in your 695's and that's really where the question is for me.  I love the NS 100 stiff (they're in my AP2's now), and launch higher than anything in the True Temper line.  So if you're going from something in the TT line to the Nippon NS 100, there will be an adjustment period.  I hope this helps and post what you wind up doing!  Good luck!

  2. Brendan H

    Thanks Clifford

    your views are very welcome and helpful you have convince me its a good move for me


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