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Kuro Kage shaft on iron

Benoit T


I am 6 HCP, i played an old CGB MAX, reg shaft.  My SS (swing speed) on driver is betweem 95-100. I am 50 years old, and want the new 714 AP2.

But really looking to try the graphite shaft.

I wonder if i choose the Kuro Kage (flex Stiff), and might stronger the clubs by 1 or 2 degree, is my ball flight will be....balloon.

Do you think i will do a big mistake with those shaft.

My thought is with stiff flex it will lower my ball flight, and with stronger loft, it should help also to keep the ball a little bit down. I want to try The Kuro Kage because there are light (66gr), and i think i wll be able to increase my club speed.

What do you think ?

I was looking for steelfiber 80CW, but Titleist only offer 95 (or 90), so i think the 66gr kuro kage can be a good alternative

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  1. Don T


     I should be able to comment on that in a week or so... I ordered my AP2s with Kuro Kage Shafts in them. In Regular. For myself, I wanted to raise my ball light a tad and give myself a little more club head speed. They felt wonderful!!!! I have been playing graphite for the last 4 years, so I am a little more used to them. 

    The truth will be on the course next Friday!! Can't wait


  2. Benoit T

    Bonjour Don,

        I am looking forward to read your comments this month. You must be the firts on our planet to play with this combo.

        If you can specify for an iron club, what (iron+shaft) and how long your were hitting before, and compare to your new AP2 with KK shaft reg.

         My first big concern is the ball flight ? (tell me which ball your playing, and how is the spin on green)

         My second one, is the weight of the shaft, is it gonna be to light ? What is your feeling wiht the club in your hands ?

     Hope you will have nice wheater 



  3. Don T

    Good Day Benoit!

     Alas, the Golf window here in Colorado is closing quickly... But... I did get two rounds in over the weekend with my new AP2s!!! I really love these clubs, and already can't wait for spring.

     At any rate, here you go.

    As everyone here says.. Go get fitted for your shaft/swing. It is the best way to "see" what the ball is doing.

    For myself, my old set of clubs were AP1 710s with Graphite Proto 75 Reg Flex  Bear in mind that Denver is 5280 ft

    With only 2 rounds to work with kind of windy conditions I was able to determine that distance wise, the 714 AP2s are quite similar to my old 710 Ap1s with both performing>>

    8 iron 150 yards. pw about 125+ yards and the 6 iron about 170 yards. Again not spectacular #'s but pretty consistent.

    Where the AP2s showed there stuff was being able to play different shots to get around and under the wind. The second round was less breezy so I was able to just hit more straight forward shots. Ball Flight seemed a little lower than the AP1s, but a "pured" shot launches very nicely and stops quickly. Amazing similar.

    These are the first forged clubs for me in 15years. I had forgotten what a solidly struck shot felt like. It was awesome!! 

    Like all forged clubs, they will let you know (in a hurry) if you missed it. This more of a help to me... Makes me keep the tempo smooth..

    Hope this helps!... Really really love these clubs!




  4. Benoit T

    Bonjour Don,

    Really-really appreciate your comments on the new AP2. Especially because your using the Kuro Kage shaft.

    I totally agree for the fitting, my concern, the store (Quebec city) have the AP2-714, but only steel shaft. No KuroKage graphite. I saw on wilson iron a proto 75 R, that about it on graphite for iron. When i ask about the graphite, it told me it will be an up-charge, i had to show on the Titleist site that is was not. I think very few goes on graphite for iron.

    On flex I am between R and S, on driver i tried some R, but have to go Stiff to prevent the ...balloon. Actually i play a 913 D2 9.5 with Tour AD-DI-6 Stiff.  On iron, i am on R steel, when i tried a stiff steel, it was like hitting a rock. So now i am looking graphite, and really hesitate between R and S. According to the spec, the S on KK seem to have a better torque and only 1 gr heavier. Hope i will find a place to try both

    I like your numbers, AP2-8i about 150, that's pretty good, i am 51 and my 8i as a carry a bit less than 150 (147-148).

    But i was wondering (i know you have played in cold wheater and in altitude) with your old 712-AP1 with the proto 75 R how far was your 8i ?, accroding to the titleist site the loft of 8i AP1-712 is 37. And the new AP2 is 38. So the loft are pretty close, but have you seen a slight difference ? If not, can be the new AP2 with the ultra light shaft KK at 65gr can get you a little bit more ?

    And on miss-hit, how was the damage ? did you lost 5 yards, or 20 ?

    You said; forged clubs was a 15years step, Did you hesitate to go again with AP1-714. Is by fitting you decide to go on AP2-714 ?

    Thanks again for your feedback

    Benoit (plan to buy in 2014, so a no rush situation)


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