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Michael Breed - New 714's

Brian D

I was watching the golf channel last night when I got home and Michael Breed was on.  He was going through how to properly get fit for clubs and some of the potential down falls of just picking up clubs off the rack.  What I found interesting most was his personal set up.  He plays AP2's 5-PW, and AP1's for his 3 and 4 iron.  He said the main reason was being able to launch the ball higher wiht that type of set up.

Very interesting, hoping I will get a chance to get personally fit for my own set soon.  Need save up some holiday cash to get the new irons in play for 2014.


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  1. chris b

    Interesting!  That is the exact setup that I went with.  Mine will be here at the end of the week!  Higher and Further is always nice! 

  2. Oviechkin


    That is not unusual. I believe Zack Johnson played the same set up with the 712 this year (may have a vokey instead of the P). I order my set with the AP2s 4-P and a 50-08 vokey because I like hitting a hybrid when I get to long irons. I got the 4 in case I need to keep the ball low.

    If you like hitting your long irons than that is deff an option but personally i stick with hybrids.



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