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714 AP1 - just got fit - interesting info (I thought so)

Patrick H

Currently play off a 9.7.  My swing flaws are casting and being too handsy since I fight getting stuck.

Driver swing speed is 97-100 mph.  Current driver is 913 D2 7.5 (A1) with D+ 72 S flex.  Avg drive is 250 ish...sometimes more.

I went thru an extensive 2 hour fitting session using the miz system, Titlest 714 fitting cart and an elaborate radar set-up.

Shaft recommendations were S300 (soft step), KBS C-Taper S (soft step) and Project X 5.0 (weird but that is what it said ..)

I hit several balls with all the shafts and the C-Taper gave me the best numbers and the feel was outstanding. The avg carry with 6 iron was 165.  I was very happy with that number. The dispersion was very tight and it was very easy to hit the center of the clubface.  The ball flight was great.  The S300 seemed a little harsh on thin hits.  I guess that was the stiffer tip talking to me.  The Project X ballooned on me. I knew that one was out after 2 shots.

I think the AP1 club head is pretty workable.  I could hit draws and fades without a problem. Did not see any reason to step up to the AP2.  I tried it also with all the shafts and really could not justify it.  The feel of the AP1 with the C-Taper almost felt the same as the AP2. In addition the feel of the AP1 with the C-Taper is almost graphite like.

I ended up ordering AP1 4-W1 / C-Taper S (soft step) / PW Loft is 1' weak and W1 is 2' weak so I can get the 45/50/55/60 lofts I like in my wedges.

I'd be curious to know how other peoples fittings went. 

Side note ---  I also tried the Aerotech Steelfiber (in a different head) and feel wise, I really could not tell much difference between the Steelfiber 110 and C-Taper.




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  1. Chris M

    Great review. I too went for a fitting a few weeks ago. I have played every version of AP2 and went into the fitting with an open mind. I was really happy with the consistency of the AP1 as well. Felt really good and numbers were great for me with the KBS Tour S shaft. Mine should be here Monday or Tuesday. It has been really hard not getting the new AP2s but I am going for more greens hit this year and with less time to practice AP1 just made sense. I like the improved profile and feel of 714 AP1s as well. 

    Hit em well and let me know how you like them.


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