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My new Vokey Wedge

Brad m Club Champion

I demo'd several wedges at Eagle's Nest a few weeks ago, but really liked the 60-07. Golftown is in the midst of their demo sale in Canada, and I could not find the 60-07, but I did find a SM4 62-07 at an unbelievable price. As I only use my lob wedge around the green, I thought this would still fit my needs. Well, went out yesterday armed with my new wedge. The bad news is, with all the rain we have had lately, I only hit 4 greens. The good news is that I was 7 for 10 getting up and down from off the green when I used my new wedge. I didn't chip in, but came close several times.  

As a side note, I was in to GolfTown again today. Told the manager my wedge story, and he proceeds to put on a demonstration where from 10 feet he continually hits the pin on the practise green holes. Not to be outdone, I hit 2 out 3 and decided to quit before I embarrassed myself. Can't wait until next year in summer conditions to see what kind of damage I can do around the greens.   

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  1. tom b

    The sm4's are the best wedges ever built. I bought a 60 and went back and bought a 46, 52 and 56. Best move ever. Huge confidence boost with these pin seekers!

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