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How many wedges do you carry

john c

I carry 3, but I have 4. 47 degree pw 52 gap 56 sw and 60 lob. Is 4 degrees between clubs about normal for most sets?

Wedges come in all sorts of bounce, how does one know what bounce you should play? 

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  1. Lex K

    I have a 4 wedges total. an AP2 pw which is 48 degrees and then a 52.08 vokey gap, 56.11 vokey sand wedge, and a 60.07 vokeylob wedge all SM4. As for bounce it has a lot to do with personal preference I think.

    I like the less bounce on my 60 because I had one with 11 and I couldnt stop blading shots. the less bounce lets it dig a little more and take a bigger divot which is good for short approaches and chipping because I tend to sweep under the ball more. But I also like the higher bounce on my 56 because it keeps it from digging so much in the soft sand and fluffy lie. leaves me with something for every shot that way!

  2. Norris

    John; 4* gap between wedges is pretty much standard. It may vary for some players, but 4* is what most players use. There are a lot of discussions on this web site about bounce. You could go to club fitting, or golf clubs, or you can go to Vokey Wedge Site.

  3. john c

    Thanks for the feedback. I have played for many seasons and really never have understood bounce.

  4. Greg K

    The correct answer may lie with the course that you are playing.  If you are playing a course in which you don't need a 3 iron or additional hybrid or wood, then adding another wedge may be the right answer.

    On shorter courses where I need an additional wedge may allow me to hit a fuller shot into the greens compared to trying to feather a shot into the green.  I've always had success using my 52 degree and 56 degree wedge on the full shots.  I think I'm going to add a 60 degree  wedge for bunker play.

    Lastly, I agree with less bounce.  I have also bladed more shot with more bounce, just a preference though.

    Good luck with your game.



  5. James S

    I currently carry four wedges, 45* PW, 50* GW, 54* SW and 58* GW.  I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the AP1's that I'm drooling over but haven't pulled the trigger on yet; too many gap wedges....

    A fitter should be able to help you with what bounce you need.  How much you need really is a matter of your wedge technique.  There are a lot of options but that is because there are a lot of different techniques. 

  6. Don O

    Vokey Wedgeworks has information to educate on bounce and grinds.  Being a sweeper, I went with stock lower bounce options.  Nw I have to figure out if I need consider other grinds.  ....Only my fitter knows for sure.  Most companies make it easy - 3 lofts, 1 grind.

  7. Tim Tiger

    I carry:

    • 46 - W
    • 50 - GW
    • 56 bent to 55 - SW
    • 60 - LW
    I also have a 52 - GW and a 54 - SW to switch to when needed or when course conditions dictate a change.
  8. Allen L

    I'm no expert, and it sounds like you have some good advice.  Here's my take so far as the bounce goes, consider the courses you play.  My everyday practice course is hard clay under the grass.  I have two Vokeys SM's, a 62.7 and a 56.8 but I don't use them on that course cause you just can't get the bounce into the ground to take some divot for the club to work right and the course has no sand bunkers.  On softer courses they are great.  I'll probably add a couple more wedges next year specifically for that course with minimum bounce, its a 1940s course with small greens and I need a good short range wedge or two with some stopping power.  Now, the standard pitching wedge that came with my set of MB's is terrific on this practice course, very little bounce.  Hope this helped, just my thoughts ...

  9. Lance R

    i go 3 wedges. 50 54 and 58. Since most PWs today are 46* including mine it gives me a good balance from PW to lob and i dont have any gaps as far as distances.

  10. Chris P

    I carry 3.

    48* - Bent to 47

    52* - Gap

    56* - Sand

     Tried going with a 60* a few times but never could get comfortable with it.

    **T.Tiger...where's the 3pt. tag in your post??


  11. Bill R

    I carry 4 wedges if you include PW. And I try to keep them at a 4 degree variance. I just got fitted for my 714 AP2's and my fitter suggested I go from my standard 52-56-60 to 50-54-58. Now with bounce I perfer low bounce as the C.C. I belong to is hard pan under the Bermuda. If I would go high on the bounce then I would mostly experience bounce effect and partial blade of the ball. In my yrs of experience, the harder the underlying condition of the ground will help you determine the proper bounce, my rule of thumb is the fluffier soft condition, go with moderate to high bounce, but if it is hard pan under shallow Bermuda, then go with the least amt of bounce possible to ensure getting under the ball first and getting it in the air faster.

  12. Tim Tiger

    Chris P

    I carry 3.

    48* - Bent to 47

    52* - Gap

    56* - Sand

     Tried going with a 60* a few times but never could get comfortable with it.

    **T.Tiger...where's the 3pt. tag in your post??



     They know how it went down.  And they know the 3 point is alive until the next match.


  13. Christopher T

    I carry three in my bag, 47 degree, 52-8 Vokey, and 56-10 Vokey.  I was carrying a 60 degree but got all the same distance and height with my 56, so I gave the 60 to TTiger.  When I get the new AP2, that will all change, but who knows what I will end up with.  I need to go visit Mr. Vokey in California and see what he recommends for me. 

  14. Mike C

     I carry:

    • 46 - PW
    • 50 - GW
    • 55 - SW
    • 60 - LW
    This setup seems pretty common and gives good gapping between the wedges for me.
  15. Robert G

    The course you play also should drive the bounce factor on your wedges.  I play a desert course with very firm narrow fairways.  Off the fairways it is all hard pan.  The bunkers are filled with unwashed river sand - read hard pan.  Less bounce is key for playing a firm course.  I have a 58 degree wedge bent to 56 in order to reduce the bounce.  Another option/factor is the grind on the sole.  I believe, although I have never done so, wedge fitting is the most important fitting you can do.

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