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First two rounds of new AP2's completed!

Lex K

Just had my second full round with my new 712 AP2's and made huge and quick improvements! I havent shot sub 90 score for prably three years and yesterday I posted an 89 and my second lowest nine in 4 years with a 43 on the back. These clubs are amazing and so impressed with my first set of Titleist irons!

I also had my highest percentage of GIR with 12 of 18 and fairways hit with 14 of 18. Unfortuntely my putting has continued to let me me down this year. Which now that I am getting to the green more and more consistent I can start focusing on correcting the putter. Hopefully by the end of next year I will be to my target in the low 80's average!

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  1. Doug W

    Congratulations Lex! Enjoy the new sticks and confidence they bring. Keep after this practice thing, and watch your score continue to drop. 


  2. Norris

    Sounds great Lex. Find a good fitter that can find the right Camron Putter for you, and that may help with the putting.

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