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Scotty Cameron putters

William R

How often does Scotty Cameron release a new line of putters? I really want a center shafted putter but if they are going to release a new line in the Spring, i may as well wait.

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  1. Cameron D


    When it comes to Scotty Cameron putters, there is no specific product cycles.  Stay tuned to Team Titleist for exclusive product releases.



  2. Paul B

    scotty does releases every 2 years or so. a great website for us scotty enthusiasts is

    check it out. we talk all scotty cameron stuff from old to new to speculative. I believe his next release are really the dual balanced putters which are just making their way to the market now. 

    right now the only center shafted putter is the newport 2.6

  3. Norris

    William; The GoLo-S and the GoLo5-S are also center shafted putters. They are a mallet type putter and work great.
  4. William R

    That's what I was thinking of getting was the GoLo S5

  5. Norris

    Good call William. I think you'll really like it. I have the GoLo-S and it works great for me, but I wasn't aware of the GoLo5-S until after I bought my GoLo S. I like a smaller head on my putter and The GoLo5-S is supposed to be 10% smaller than my GoLo-S. Don't know if I would have liked the "5" better, but I would have looked at it also before I bought if I had known about it. If you can, try to get fitted for your putter before you buy it, you'd be surprised at how many options you can get with a Camron putter. Good luck William and let us know how things work out for you. I know you'll love either model of GoLo putters you chose.
  6. William R

    Thanks everyone for all your input, especially the idea of being fitted. I never even have that a thought.

  7. Norris

    Thanks for the Thanks, William. When you get fitted, be sure to check out all the options. There are about a dozen different grips that you can get, plus different shafts, and counter weights available. Good luck with your fitting, and let us know how it goes.
  8. Jason C

    I'll echo others here with the Golo5 S. Its a great mallet putter that makes it easy to put a consistent stroke on the ball. Let us know what you end up buying and how you like it :)

  9. Justinu3

    Keep your eyes on the PGA Show coverage this coming January!  :-)

    Sounds like the lines are being tweaked/revamped a little.  Can't wait to see!

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