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Surefit Tip, come on Titleist

Kevin G

I would like for someone to give me a logical answer besides to make more money why Titleist will not offer surefit adaptors for sale in case something happens to the one you have. I bought a 913f head off a buddy and he wanted to keep the shaft with the surefit. Because I have only 910 fairways my surefit tip will not fit my new 913f head. I love the shaft I have so why would I need to buy a new one? Just offer me the tip for 25-30 bucks and I would be happy to pay that. Instead I'm gonna have to go to eBay and hope someone is selling an authentic surefit tip. Nobody wins here Titleist. 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello Kevin,  If you have a 910 shaft that was built by us (tip and shaft), we offer a retipping service to retip to a 913 fairway.  You have to set that up through an authorized Titleist pro shop and the MSRP is $45.00.

  2. Tim Tiger

    Why would they make them available for individual sale?  Send it back to Titleist and have the tip installed correctly for a minimal charge.  That way you know what you are getting and should have a warranty for it.  


  3. Ken W

    Kevin, If Titleist's intention were to make extra money, they would have SureFit adaptors for sale. Instead, the company is concerned about delivering authentic and quality products and workmanship which always benefits their customers in the long run. So, Titleist buyers and the company ultimately win. Anyone who is frustrated by the adaptors not being sold without control has to step back from their individual situation and look at Titleist's. Over the last 15 years in the industry, I've seen virtually everything that people tinkering or selling golf clubs can produce. Simply stated, there are enough unethical sellers and poor clubmakers that Titleist has to protect the brand because that is what counts. Poor quality, craftsmanship, and counterfeits ultimately reflect on the company. That being said, I'm on a budget like many people. I have a high end shaft in my driver and took the steps to make sure the tip was done properly. I understand if the shaft fails, it's on me. I'm not worried about the 913 head, because I've seen fewer problems with Titleist metalwoods than any other company. It's actually not even close.
  4. Kevin G

    I'm not talking about making these available for retail, I'm talking about making it something like they originally did with say the712u. Make it a request item from your local pro shop to order from the manufacturer. But it doesn't make much sense for me to send an expensive shaft off and risking carrier damage for something I can do in 20 mins in my garage.

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