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Clubs being ordered today, how long until they are at my house?

Kelly S

I was fitted on Saturday for some new irons.  I ended up going with AP1 3 iron and AP2 in the 4-Gap.  The KBS Tour Stiff was by far the best shaft for me.  They are going to be 2 degrees flat and went with the crossline ace 3gen grip.  I can not wait for them to get here and since I live in WV, warm days are disappearing quickly.  My question is....  The shop said they would place the order this morning, does anyone have a rough idea on how long it takes for them to arrive?  The shop said about 10 business days, I was hoping they were under promising so they could over deliver.  I am like a kid at Christmas time waiting for Christmas morning.

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  1. Greg K

    Kelly, sounds like you made a great choice.  I know the 10 days is probably going to be agonizing to say the least.  Congrats and good luck when they do arrive!

  2. David Browning

    They could arrive sooner. You never know. Titleist is good at getting stuff out quick. If you ordered from a retail store, like Golf Galaxy, Golfsmith, etc., usually...when you place your order with them, they'll print the order out, and you pay for them. THEN, they have to put that order in the system. THEN the corporate office will get the order and THEN that order will go to Titleist. Sometimes, unfortunately, they "sit on" that order, or, say you order them on Friday, IF they do their jobs right, corporate won't get the order until at least Monday. If you ordered from your club, things would probably be a lot quicker. 

    Sounds like a good setup. Let us know how they work out for you!

  3. HawaiiMarine is currently "guaranteeing" a 1-2 week turnaround--basically 10 working days from order to shipment. I ordered my AP2's on October 22nd and called about 3 days later with my PO# via TGW, and Titleist said the clubs were done but couldn't ship out until the official release date of the 8th of November. Luckily I actually received my clubs on the 6th ... This includes the fact that they weren't stock clubs ... I had to bend them 2* upright! lengthen them by 1.5 inches and get Sensicore shafts, and as well get triple wrapped 2G grips.  Hope that helped you out!

  4. Kelly S

    6 business days would be awesome.  I hope to get a tracking number by Friday.  I don't know why I am in such a rush, between work and the holiday, it will be 2 weeks before I can get out.  Guess I just want to see them in my bag.

  5. Scott H

    Had my fitting on Saturday 16th in Easton MA.  714 AP1 6-W2 XP95 reg 2* upright and I am looking forward to their arrival, hopefully on the quicker side of anxious.

  6. S_Smith

    I ordered my new clubs from a reputable dealer (714 AP2 4-PW, .5 Flat, NDMC/ 913D2 9.5*/ 913F 15*/913h 21* RIP Phenom 80HYB) a week ago today (11/13) and had my woods/hybrid within 6 days, Irons will be here Friday.

    Sounds like if no one sat on the order or slacked off then you should get your irons early next week.

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    When your pro shop places the order with us, we give them an approximate ship date.  Give your pro shop a call and they will be able to tell you when the clubs were supposed to ship.  Then just add shipping.  Clubs are built in Carlsbad, CA and it is 4-5 days to the East Coast, 2-4 to the Midwest and 1-3 on the West coast.

  8. Kelly S

    Thanks Cathi.  I will give them a ring tomorrow and see what would be the approximate ship date.  This is my first time being fitted and I am really excited.  Also haven't played titleist since my junior golf years, switched to miz until last Saturday.  Should have switched back some time ago, best golf of my life was with a set of DCI Black irons.  Been a long time, lol.

  9. Kelly S

    I spoke to the shop, they said they shipped out on 11/21 and are due to arrive on 11/27.  Only 2 days away.  I can't wait!!!!  Going to be hard to play with the snow but I am still excited.

  10. Kelly S

    They arrived :)  I registered them and now need this snow to move out so I can hit the course.  Hopefully will be able to play next week or at least hit the range.  They are beautiful.

  11. brice w

    How long does it take to build them?

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