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Well the irons came in today

Bill R

Well today my golf pro at my country club called me to come and pick up my irons and wedges. I was fitted on the 11th of Nov, so less than 2 weeks to show up. I already purchased the new 913D2 driver and 913F fairway woods both 3 and 5, and the 913H 21* hybrid. I also have a 2013 California Monterey. I was all about TM R1 and Rocketbladez. But my Pro at the club I belong to is relatively a new hire from Nebraska and he is a Titleist Rep and certified fitter. So he came up with having 5 volunteers to become a Team Titleist rep for the club. So far I am the only one that has volunteered. I will receive my new Titleist cart bag stitched with my club name and logo and my nickname this Friday, then I will be fully equipped all Titleist. The driver is phenomenal and so is the fairway and hybrid. I can not wait until tomorrow to use the irons for the first time. I am a 12 hdcp and I went with the 714 AP2's and Vokey SM4 oil can wedges, 50/54/58. The Pro ordered the irons with DG SL S300 shafts with 2* upright. The woods all have the Diamana S62 and S72 Reg flex shafts. I am a disabled vet from the Iraq War and have serious neck and back injuries. I was before I got injured using all stiff shafts in my tms, but with my injuries I just could not use the stiff flex any longer. I was surprised that my Pro fitted me with stiff iron shafts vs my reg flex irons. But he expresses that it is necessary to use stiff flex due to my swing tempo. But my woods are to stay reg flex as I have a much slower and controled tempo with the woods. I have also switched the Pro V1x ball, that in itself was a smart move and experience vs my previous TM TP5 ball.

Here are some pics for you all, the date on my camera is off and sorry for any blur in the pics. You all have a great night, hopefully I made the right choice with my golf equipment. Thx and what a awesome website, I am glad to be a member along side you all.

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  1. Norris

    Welcome aboard Bill. You have a great set of clubs there, and I know you'll never regret the switch. Infact, I think you'll be surprised at how your game will improve once you play the Titleist clubs.
  2. Bill R

    Well I took them out today and played a quick 9 holes before it got dark. I got to say, they do hit very well. One thing I did notice was a lower ball flight than my TM irons. I do need to re-examine my distance now per club for sure. The overall weight feel during the swing seems lighter even though forged clubs tend to be a bit heavy than cast. I do got to say that I do enjoy the eye candy at address with my wedges. The copper type color of the oil can finish really sets the eye on the ball. Overall I did enjoy the clubs.

  3. David K

    First off, welcome aboard here Bill and Thank You Sir for your service to this great Country. Congrats on getting fitted and becoming the first member from your club to step up and volunteer to become a Team Titleist member. Please enjoy your new set and that these clubs will, as we all know here. to improve your game. Keep passing the word around about TT and be very proud to show off your new set. Thanks again Sir.



  4. MLB12

    I agree thank you for protecting us and allowing me to play golf while you serviced the USA. You have a great set of clubs.

  5. Bill R

    Well I got my Titliest cart bag and iron covers in today.


  6. Professor

    Hi Bill,

    What an awesome report. First of all, thank you for your service to your country. I'm sorry to hear of your injuries but how great is it that you're able to play golf. I love your set up but tell me, did you hit the MBs or the CBs?


  7. Bill R


    Hi Bill,

     I love your set up but tell me, did you hit the MBs or the CBs?


    Thanks for all the kind words from all you responders. 

    To answer your question Professor, No I had not hit the muscle backs or the cavity backs by Titleist. I had 2 sets prior to this set from TM, and they were the TM MB's and the TM RocketBladez Tour model. The MB's are ok and I bought them out of curiosity but I am not at that level to hit them consistantly pure, no forgiveness on a mishit and my distance suffered alot. The AP2's give me exactly what I was looking for which was an inbetween club of the MB and full CB, and with the tungsten wt distribution with the AP2's, they hit my level of performance great. Right now I am a 12 hdcp and considering I was a 23 after coming off my multiple surgeries a couple yrs ago, but after playing 5 times a week for about 1.5 yrs after my last surgery, it is now respectable. With my level of progress and the fun factor being high right now, I have been putting off my next 2 surgeries. I can not see myself going through another 7 month layoff for rehab and PT with the level of fun I am having right now.

    Once again thank you all for your kind words. A progress report will follow after a few more rounds under my belt with these clubs. My club championship is coming up in a few months and I need to practice and practice and practice to have a shot at it.


  8. Norris

    Thank You Bill for your service to our great country, and I'll be praying for your full recovery from your injuries. We're all very glad to have you as a proud member of Team Titleist. There is a great group of folks here, and the pros at Titleist are always ready to help with any questions you may have. We will be pulling for you to win your club championship. Good Luck, and keep us updated with your progress.
  9. Ryan B

    Good looking setup right there!

  10. George V

    Great looking set there Gator!

    Thank you for your service in defending the Land of the Free!

    Go get them in that club championship, I too will pray for you that you recover fully.

    Thanks again!


  11. Bill R

    Well I finally got my headcovers in for the woods today, they are the POM-POM style. Can not seem to get one for the hybrid though.

    I was the first to sign up as a Team Titleist player for our country club. The club pro was looking for 5 members to sign up for Team Titleist, but since most of our members are beyond 70 in age, most seem to think that the purchase of a new set of clubs would be senseless as their existing set would still out live them. So as of today, it still looks as if I am going to be the only Team Titleist member for our club other than our club pro.

    On a different note, I did get my woods to include the driver fitted for me yesterday. I took them out today and played 18 holes. What a difference after the fitting, all but 2 holes where in the fairway and long too. The 2 that were not in the fairway, one was just right off in the second cut, and the other was a low grounder as I got lazy on the down and follow through. The Pro said he adjusted them as he did my irons, 2 degrees up on the toe for each wood. I am telling you now, that may seem like a small adjustment, but I got to say, it made all the difference for me. I was playing today with a ear 2 ear smile all day. The irons are really coming in with distance control and controlability. I have experienced in the past couple of weeks a pleasure and comfort with the use of these clubs. I was kinda leery with this expensive purchase from bag, complete set of clubs and all the extras, but it seems to be the right move for sure, I have no regrets to date.

    I do appreciate all your comments about my service too. I served in the Army Airborne for over 13 years and I truely miss the lifestyle. But as it is no longer reality, I am enjoying my down time and normal day to day life. As long as I can play golf everyday of the week if I choose, life is and will be good. I really enjoy being able to play golf with a real meaning, other than just hitting a ball as far as one can. Just seeing my handicap go down and experiencing my talent like never before puts a different perspective on the game.

    I can not wait until the club championship though, I want soo bad to knock off the top dog who has been the club champion for 3 years running. His arrogance is annoying and I hope that I can bring him back down to earth when the time comes.

    Everyone have a great day and holiday season. Be safe and enjoy the family time. CHEERS!!!

  12. Keith L

    Great write up and love the bag and the new covers. And as many have said thank you again for your service.

    Hit em long and straight :)

  13. julien l


    tu as trouver ca ou les couvre fer je voudrais le même que toi raniment

    merci de vautre reponse

    lapouge julien

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