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Companies Creating Fake Titleist Clubs

Peter B

Hello, last year I tried to purchase a Titleist 910 D3 Driver from a website who had it priced at $235. So i go ahead a purchase the club thinking that its the real club. 2 months later during my Junior Championship i was on the 8th tee hitting the driver, when i made contact with the ball the club head flew off of the shaft, leaving just the shaft in my hand. I was completely dumbfounded when i saw this happen, even my opponents couldnt believe what have happened. So i complete the round with everything but a driver and won the match. but me and my dad drive to Golf Galaxy to see if they could possibly fix it and that was when the guy told us that it was a fake club. so what i want to know is could i send in the fake club and possibly get a newer club of the same model? ive been playing titleist for 17 years and im only 19 and i love all of the equipment you guys make. if anyone could tell me what my options are it would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Jason C

    I bet Titleist would be interested to find out where you bought a bogus driver with their name on it. 

  2. Retiredgolfpro

    Sorry, that won't happen.  You should always buy from a Titleist authorized dealer. Chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way.


  3. Don O

    First and foremost - no authentic Titleist retailer, even an internet site tied to brick and mortar is going to discount more than 10% from MRSP.  And even then, that price will not be posted.  If new and not MSRP, probably too good to be true.  If shipped from outside the US, it is too good to be true.  Buying used, well, now you have to be a savvy shopper.  Titleist can't really control the used market.  The PGA Guidebook has trade and sale prices for all the major suppliers for used clubs.  Not many internet sites with authentic equipment are going to beat that price by much.  If you see a used 913 D2/D3 for 99.99 - run.  Legit clubs will bring $250 and up.

    Used 910s with "shafts by Titleist" are being discounted under $100 now.  Apparently everyone wants the real deal shafts Titleist is drifting to now.  Some of the larger used sites, like 3Balls and Global Golf will guarentee authentic clubs for resale.

    You can and should report the vendor to Titleist - if the site is still up, the golf vendors are determined to fight these, but doubtful anyone will be discounting new equipment to replace fake.  Titleist does recommend buying from their authorized dealer network for your protection.

  4. John F

    You've learned a valuable lesson.  Don't buy from non-authorized retailer.  If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.  

  5. pulplvr

    I'm curious as to why you waited so long to even raise this issue with anyone.  What driver did you use during this year's golf season?  The responses you've received so far are spot on:  especially with the internet, caveat emptor!  To save money, your best bet is to find a reliable, certified re-seller of used clubs, either locally or on the web (like Global Golf).  Otherwise, you've got to suck it up and pay full freight--or earn some course credit through local tournaments and apply that toward your purchase.  That's what I usually do.

  6. Brian D

    That really stinks.  I would suggest buying new clubs only from an authorized distributor.  Keep proceeds with your local pro.  That is what keeps the game going. 

    I hope you can track them down and report them.

    Good luck.



  7. Matt B

    You may want to contact that website and check to see if they are willing to make it right. Today some of the fakes are very difficult to spot and a honest retailer of used equipment may have been fooled also. Personally, I always like to go thru my local PGA Club Pro as I know what I'm getting is the real deal and I want to support the local Pro and not some large corporation. They may have a demo or display club in their shop they would sell you at a fair price, just to clean out some inventory, especially this time of year as most Pros personally own the inventory in their shop!

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