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712 or 714 Ap1

Aaron D

Just wanted to know if anyone has hit the new 714 Ap1 irons, and what their thoughts are. I am a 10 handicap and looking to upgrade from swoosh irons. I want to know if there is a considerable difference between the 712 and 714 and whether it worth spending some extra money for the 714's. Thanks 

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  1. bob w

    I just got to play this weekend with my new 714 AP1's  Like you a 10 HC, was playing the 710 w/ graphite shafts.  The new 714 AP1's are the best irons I have ever hit.  They are a significant improvement over the 710 & 712 irons.  Worth the $'s IMHO.

  2. Don O

    The concierges will know for sure, but if you were to buy 712 irons at this point, you'd probably be buying available stock off the rack.  Going through a fitting to get your ideal shaft, length, and lie custom made for you for the same price of 714 clubs off the rack will improve your investment even more than the improved qualities of the head design. Short of the Titleist staff doing the fittings (Oceanside, Tour Van, etc.) most fitters will reduce or eliminate the cost of the fitting with a set purchase.  The stock AP1 metal and graphite shafts for 714 weren't even on the market for the 712s.  A hundred or two saved is not a savings if the $7-800 spent aren't your best fit.

    I have 712s and even with an opportunity to try the 714s later this week, I probably won't go for the 714s (I'm hoping it is only a flirtation), but if I still had my png G-10s, I would start at the 714 custom fit.

  3. Aaron D

    Thanks very much Dan O. I did go and get fit for the 712's and really looking forward to playing and I do agree with you but I the feel of 712's just worked with me good. Thanks again
  4. John N

    Great to hear! Like you, I also am a 10 HC. What are the specs on your new irons, what shafts did you get and how do they perform? Thanks, John
  5. Steve M

    from what I've been seeing, the price is the same for the 712 and 714, so why would you not go for the newest technology available? steve
  6. J. Reinke PSU

    The price is the same and they made some considerable improvements to the 714s so go with them, it would be a waste of money to get the 712s

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