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Buying new 714 AP 2's ??

Bill T

I'm looking at buying a new set of the AP2'S shortly and I was wondering if you have to buy the sets as described or if you can customize your own clubs. For instance, I'd like to get the 24* 913H and the 6-W in the AP 2's. Is that possible?

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  1. Don O

    TItleist actually prices clubs per each.  You can mix and match any combination of clubs.  That said, some large retailers may make it harder to custom order.  Pro shops generally may be more familiar with the equipment and less prone to promote other lines that new release new products annually or more.  ...That promote off the rack sets.

  2. Chris M

    With Titleist, anything is possible. :) Enjoy the new set!

  3. Stephen M

    Yes. You can custom order your desired set.
  4. S_Smith

    That depends on where you will be ordering from. I think you can do a custom set through a fitter or through an authorized dealer. thus getting your 5 hybrid and the AP2 irons. However, I would consult them before making the leap.

  5. Oviechkin

    Hey Bill,

    You can deff do that. I got my set in 4-Pw and a 50 degree Vokey. There's no restriction on what to get. You'll just pay the price of the individual club which is I think 125$.



  6. Tyson M

    I believe it depends on who your buying them from. I looked on popular websites and could only get 4-gw sets or 3-p sets. My local retailer however let me order the set make up of my choice. He charged me on a per club basis

  7. 19hole

    It sure is! Titleist will let you buy individual irons with no price premium. 

  8. Mitchell C


    Yes, that is entirely possible.  You can purchase your set in whatever way you would like usually through your fitter or local pro shop or larger golf store, as Titleist does per club pricing.  I highly recommend getting custom fit for your irons and hybrids.   I mix and matched my set as well, got AP1 3 and 4 irons, and 5-PW AP2's and love the set up.   Best of luck!

    -Mitchell Cook


    It sure is.  

  10. Trevor S

    Sure!  You can buy any subset of the clubs that you'd like, you just have to work out your distance gaps for yourself and make sure you have a set that is complete and gives you the needed yardage.

  11. Joe L


    You can customize your irons in any way you want.  6-w.  3-9, 4-w etc...   I have 710 CB's  5-pw with 17*,21* 24* hybrids.  Looking at the 714 ap2's and going back to a 4 iron, possible a 3 also.



  12. Bill T

    Thanks for all of the input guys, I'll check with my local pro shop. I just bought a 913 D2, F15* and F19* from them and they have been very helpful.  The irons i'm hitting now are the RBZ's and i hit them really well, i just think i would get a lot more out of the AP2's. Also hitting 52* and 60* cleve 588-RTX, and Odyssey #9 Metal-X putter. My current hcp. is 8.2. 

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