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Looking to buy new irons

Marc M

Been playing Pings for a long time.Tried the  AP1's felt great.I would like others opinions .

I'm a senior player, 14 handicap,driver speed 80' average dis. 225 age 68.        Thanks Mac

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  1. Norris

    Hello Mac; We're in the same ball park although you are a little higher up the "gizzer chart" than I am. (I just turned 65 last month) I haven't had an official HDC set but I'm about a 15, and my swing speed with driver is 83-85, and usually hit my drives 210- 220. This past spring I went from CG HB3 hybrid irons to my present AP1's w/DG Reg. Flex steel shafts. Still hit my HB3's in 3 & 4 irons since I can't seem to get the longer irons up very well, but going to the AP1's (5-PW) was a great move for me, and I think you will be very happy with the AP1's also. They are easy to hit, feel great, and are very forgiving, plus the quality of the Titleist irons are unequalled by any other manufacture. Without question, you should go for the AP1's and you won't be sorry. Just be sure to see an authorized Titleist dealer, and get fit before you buy. Norris:
  2. vurich

    Hey, Marc!

    I've played the AP1 all of 2013.  Love them.  I think you will be amazed at the forgiveness and potential of these irons.  Keep us posted and let us know how they feel.  Best to you!


  3. Steve N

    You should find that the feel/feedback from the AP1s will be much better than the Pings.  At least I do.

    Above all, get fit outside with a Trackman.  I used Titleist fitter (look for one on the Titleist website) and felt it was a great decision, so I'd recommend going that route.  

    Typically, they charge a nominal fee for a fitting, and it is worth it.  Sometimes they credit the fitting fee towards a purchase with them.  There prices are the same as the big box scores.  But, the service you receive from a fitter is beyond compare.

  4. Marc M

    Norris ,

     Thanks for your reply. Sounds like these are great irons and I' m going to get fitted this winter Here in Marblehead, oh it's time to put the clubs away and go ice fishing. Thanks again.  Marc

  5. Marc M


          Thanks for your feedback . Going to get fitted this winter.  Marc

  6. Don O

    It was down to G20 vs AP1 for me when the 912s came out.  Equal in performance and I liked the smaller sole of the AP1.  The G's are 1/4 inch shorter than the Titleist, and during the fitting, we had to go to custom length up 1/4 inch, stock w/Titleist  If you were in your 50's then you need to get fit - Father Time is cruel to us in the "new 50" age range.  The stock shafts are light weight and the fitter can find something that is just for you.  I have A-flex in the former stock ADs, but I loved the new graphite in R flex when I tried the 714s last week.  Titleist is definitely moving to market shafts for stock and not the "made for OEM" shafts.  Depending on how you use your shorter irons, you might want to look as mixing in some AP2s for more workability.  I have a hard time trying to draw or fade the AP1s.  Keep going straigtht, dang it.

  7. Marc M


           Thanks for your feedback, I feel like you, would like a full time Titleist  fitter. Going to look one up this winter

             Thanks  Marc

  8. Marc M


         Have played png g20's the past 2 seasons, never totally satisfied  with them. I'm a senior 68  have played

          for 55 yrs. still love the game ,like to practice and try to improve.I have been all over the place with the g20.    

           graphites looking forward to seeing a Titleist  pro fitter.  Thanks. Marc

  9. Norris

    Hello Again Marc; Don't mean to sound smart ellic, just confident that you'll like the AP1's so well that you will want to make sinkers out of the Png's for your next ice fishing trip. They might make good spinner baits also. (just a joke, don't take me seriously) Not to mention the great customer support that you'll get from the folks at Titleist. Enjoy your new AP1's, and give us an update on your progress as soon as you are able to get out and play with them.
  10. Chris M

    I have always played AP2 and this season I switched to the 714 AP1 irons. I really like what they did with these irons. They are great. 

  11. Marc M

    Chris...... Thanks for your feedback. Started looking for a good  club fitter around where I live.It's winter and I would like to be outside for fitting I might have to wait.     Yours in golf.        Marc M

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