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910 or 913 driver head?

Joe L

Question for TT members.  I currently have the 910 D2 10.5* with and upgraded Graphite Design BB-6 shaft in it.  I recently bought the shaft in the hopes of a little more consistency and lower ball flight.  My problem is that I tend to hit a high ball that gets no roll when it lands.  I know that my swing is the main issue, and im always working on my swing path etc...But besides the obvious practice and tweaks I need to make in my swing, my question is would a new 913 D2 or D3 head with a lesser loft be a beneficial change to the current driver head I have now?  Something like a 913 9.5   

Any thoughts or recommendations and why would be appreciated.





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  1. Bill T

    Joe, I have fought a high launch my whole life. I recently tried the 913D2 9.5* with the available Diamana whiteboard Shaft and bought it after hitting only about 20 balls on the range. I tried other shafts, but, the high kickpoint, low torque whiteboard ball flight was really appealing to me. Hope this helps. Bill
  2. Joe L


     so do you feel the Shaft was more of the improvement for you or the 9.5 * head.  I already have an upgraded low launch shaft, and hate to go with another different one already, Thought buying just  a head might be more affordable for me and still help out my launch and ball flight



  3. Mike T

    Go with the D3, this will give you a lower launch angle. With the same shaft my launch angle is almost 2 degrees lower with the D3 compared to the D2.

  4. Don O

    Joe -

    You've already dialed the 10.5 back to 9.75 on the Sure-Fit seting?

    Titleist doesn't sell new heads alone, you'd have to buy a 913 with a stock shaft to use your custom shaft from the 910.

    Or buy used/online and hope it isn't a fake.  I recently updated from an Ilhana (R) to an Diamana S+ (S) to solve my backspin issue (through a fitting - even a big box retailer with a decent indoor machine beats guessing on a shaft) that was causing the ball to drop with no roll.  It was only net 75 to replace the 910 with a 913 by trading the driver instead of buying just a shaft.  Not that you should look at that shaft, but getting fit takes the guesswork out.

  5. bahram t

    I also have a very high ball flight but I got fit and would highly recommend getting fit I had a 9.5* 910 D2 and got fit for a 913 and it turned out I was using the wrong shaft,loft, and head. So they fit me to a 7.5* 913 D3 with the X-flex stock whiteboard shaft. My ball flight improved dramatically, spin rate was better and I probably picked up about 15 yard of carry and 5-10 yards of roll. Getting fit is definitely the way to go.

  6. Joe L

    I was already fit for this club at a titleist regional fiting center....So the getting fit wasn't the issue.  Granted my swing may have changed, hopefully for the better, but I was already fit.

  7. Joe L

    Never considered the D3 as I thought the more forgiveness of the D2 would be better.  Just leary bout buying a head off the net somewhere with so many fakes out there

  8. Kurt V

    We're you fit for that exact combo? Sounds like you just bought another shaft with the hopes of changing trajectory. The head is more important that the shaft. TrackMan can give you landing angles too which may be more important than launch angle. Ground conditions affect roll out and determine total distance. 

    For me d3 head had much better consistancy. My ss isn't what it use to be. TrackMan tells the story. 

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