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714 AP1 irons

Ricky H

I am interested in upgrading my clubs and would really like to get the new AP1 irons and possibly even 913D3 woods. My question is, I am a low to mid 80's golfer, will the AP1's be good for me? Thanks

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  1. Scott H

    I have been very pleased with my move to Titleist from a competitor.  I found that the AP1 and 913's are great clubs for me and I score similar to you.  The move has focused my game to improve my ball striking through my entire bag.

  2. Gregory V

    Ricky H

    I am interested in upgrading my clubs and would really like to get the new AP1 irons and possibly even 913D3 woods. My question is, I am a low to mid 80's golfer, will the AP1's be good for me? Thanks

    low to mid-80 shooter?  AP1's should be perfect.

    i generally score mid-70's to low 80's, and AP1's are the best irons I have played, and I have played a lot of different irons.

    just make sure that you get the right shafts.  105T is my current favorite, even over Steelfibers.

  3. Ricky H

    Thanks so much for your responses and opinions. I have scheduled a fitting for after Christmas!

  4. Ricky H

    Had my fitting and ordered my AP1's today. can't wait to get them.
  5. Gene R

    Rick H I have owned almost every set of png clubs on the market ( I hit mid 80's). It was difficult to make the switch but I did. Started with cally, did not keep them for 3 weeks tried Cobra they were ok but not what I was looking for finally bought a set of 712 AP1, I love them best switch I've ever made( stock off the shelve). Now I would like to get fit for a set of AP2 and try different shafts, wish me luck.
  6. Ricky H

    Best of luck to you Gene R. My only suggestion to you would be get fitted! Make sure you get the correct shaft, length, lie angle and grip size. My fitting experience was great! my fitter was very knowledgeable and answered the ton of questions I had. turns out I am about as standard as you can get but I ordered my set anyway on his recommendation. We are supposed to have good weather here in N.C. this weekend. I only hope my set gets here by then.
  7. Doug E

    Gene, yes get fit, but keep an open mind. Back in November of 2011, I was sure I was going to buy a set of AP2-712s. So I got fit for them. I was a little nervous coming from a Titleist 755 iron which seemed to be designed for a 8-15 handicapper. Wasn't sure I would be good enough for the more blade-like AP2. At the time I was about a 12-13 hdcp. I was told by the fitter that the AP2 actually had more forgiveness than the 755s, which made me feel a little more comfortable. 

    I never considered the AP1 at the time. Didn't like the bulky look of them. So I did not include them in the fitting. At the end of the day, I ended up ordering AP2 712s, 5-PW, with Dynalite XP shafts. Pretty much a standard shaft, but the heads were to be 1* up. In any case, once I got them, I was thrilled with the way I hit them. My game started to get better, though I had some trouble hitting the 5 iron well. It got to a point that I stopped hitting my 5 iron and just moved up to an easy/choked down 24 degree hybrid. This was nothing new, as I had already employed this same methodology with my previous 755 5 iron. Well, one day I happen to see a single AP1 712  5 iron for sale on ebay. (Seems someone else had my same problem.) I said, what the hell, let me try it. I bought it and started hitting my 5 iron more often with better results. Hmmm, this felt great. Though I hit my AP2 6 iron okay, I was now really curious if I could do better with an AP1 6i. So I found and bought one. I don't know that I hit it any better than my AP2 6 iron, but I definitely hit it further. The loft is stronger and the forgiveness is very noticeable. 

    When the new AP1 714s were released last fall, the reviews were absolutely fantastic. I was sucked in. Since I still don't like a thick top line, I never considered changing my shorter AP2 irons. I still love and hit them very well. However, the new improved look of the AP1s appealed to me enough, on top of the great reviews, that I decided to replace the two AP1 712s I bought stock off ebay with two custom-fit AP1 714s. I also added a 714 4i to the mix. I now have a properly-fit mixed AP1/AP2 set which I probably should have considered back at my original fitting. I'm sure I would have saved myself quite a few strokes since then, had I done so. I'm just glad I finally tried an AP1. 

    BTW, for what it's worth, my index is now 9.3 but was even lower before a slight back injury played havoc with my swing last fall. 

  8. Benoit T

    Hello Don,

    Zack Jonhson use a AP1 4i (but seem to be a 712 according to website), so it’s a nice idea to mix AP1 and AP2 if wanted or needed, and I really looking for this avenue also, i will have my conclusion after my fitting in couple of months.

    Could you gave us more detail on your shaft, for the AP2 with Dynalite XP shaft, is R300 or S300 ?

    During your fitting on AP2 have you test some graphite ?

    AP2 as D2 weight, and AP1 as D1 weight, have you feel some difference on your swing when you hit your 4i or 5i compare to the AP2 ?

    Did you put the same shaft on the AP1 ?



  9. Doug E

    Benoit: I have the XP 95 shafts in the new AP1s. I did not change the Dynalite XP shafts that are in the AP2s. They feel very similar, with the XP95s having a little higher ball flight. Not a bad thing for longer irons. Both are reg flex. I had the swingweight increased to D2 in the new AP1s, but with the midsize grip I will ultimately install, it will drop it to D1 most likely. I doubt I'll feel a big difference, if any, in swing weight from D1 to D2. I considered the Kuro Kage graphite shafts, but felt they would be too dissimilar from my AP2s, so opted against that idea. Hope this answers your questions.

  10. Benoit T

    Doug, thanx for the info. i appreciate the detail.

  11. Ricky H

    My AP1's came today!! Can't wait for the weekend. these irons look and feel great! Gonna be a good time on the course.

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