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SC Dual Balance Futura X - Have you tried it?


I have to admit last summer when I saw Scotty at the 2013 ICC that when the discussion of dual balance putters came up my first reaction was, Scotty why are getting into this gimmick!  Well, I stand corrected.  I recently started putting with this putter when a friend loaned me one to try out and I have to admit (and I am already a fan of the Futura X) that the DB is fantastic.  Smooth, stable and comfortable are words that describe this putter.  If you get a chance, go down to your local golf store and check it out. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind, per need at least 3 inches above your grip to the end of the club to ensure the proper feel and use of the club.  There is a black line on the grip that is about 3.375 inches down from the top so it is a great reference mark for this application.  Thus, if you are used to playing with a 35 inch putter a 38 inch DB putter (which is stock standard length) is what you may need, however I have found if you need a shorter or longer putter you may need to play with the weights in the head to get the right feel...I play with a longer putter and thus I have a 39 inch DB putter with lighter weights in the head.  But please keep in mind that feel is obviously differrent for everyone so you may prefer a much heavier or lighter putter head than mine so experiment a little!

Have fun, thought I would just pass along this not often spoke about new gem!



Here is the official Titleist Blog link:

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  1. george t

    I still have my Futura from 2003 or '04, but I've been using other Scotty's for the past few years.  This past season was very successful for me in our men's club, but my putting left much to be desired.  At the end of the season, I had some pro shop credit and ordered the Dual Balance Futura X. 

    I've only three rounds with it under my belt, but I'm liking what I'm experiencing.  Although I'm not making everything I look at, I'm hitting my lines consistently.  It also putts a great roll on the ball.  I can't wait for this winter to end, so that I may get back out on the course.  Alas, only 3 1/2 months . . . 

  2. Mike C

    I got my hands on a demo of the Futura X Dual Balance the weekend after it was released.  The dual balance really seemed to promote a smooth, consistent swing for me.  I liked it enough after about an hour of rolling putts that I ordered one to my specs.  It came in last week and made it's way immediately into my bag.

    One thing I thought was kind of amazing was the day I got it, I was at home in my bedroom rolling putts across the carpet that night.  I realize this isn't a real proxy for a putting green, but the club was new and I wanted to stroke it!  I had two balls and was hitting them across the bedroom.  I put down the first ball and rolled it across the bedroom to the other side.  I then placed the second ball down and hit it.  It rolled across the bedroom and actually hit the first ball I putted.  Is that consistency or what?  Thinking this was an anomaly, I repeated this going the other direction and, guess what?  The second ball hit the first again.  I repeated this two more times going back and forth with the same result.  I figured I'd better stop or I may use up all of the magic in the putter on my bedroom floor.

    Hopefully this trend will continue onto the golf course!

  3. Chris92009

    Mike, that is amazing! Can't wait to hear how it works for you on the course on your next round...

  4. vurich


    I tried this putter out in San Diego at the Del Mar outing for Team Titleist.

    Sorry we didn't get to meet.

    I loved the putter.

    My club pro had one in his office when I walked in two days ago.

    It was still in plastic.

    I looked at it.  Picked it up.  And bought.

    Absolutely LOVE it!

    First hole.  Birdie.  It was a sign! Ha!

    Happy holidays to you and your family!


  5. Brice Waddell

    Dual Balance is a game changer Vern!  Great to meet you at The Grand and I'm glad we got to tee it up together.  Looking forward to hearing about you rolling in more putts...

  6. Mike C


    Mike, that is amazing! Can't wait to hear how it works for you on the course on your next round...

    Finally got a break in the weather and I was able to get out on the course for 9 holes this afternoon. It was not ideal conditions, mid to upper 40's with 15-20 mph winds and intermittent mist in the air... almost thought I was in Ireland for a few holes... Anyway, I managed 3 one-putts and 6 two-putts with the new Dual Balance Futura X. The real difference was on the shorter putts where the stroke was smooth and confident. Pretty good result for the first time out, especially considering I wasn't exactly close to the pins on a quite a few of the approaches. Look forward to working with the new flat stick (ok, the shape isn't exactly flat, but the face still is). Another A+ product from Titleist!
  7. David Browning

    I think Scotty nailed the technology on this one. It does feel good throughout the stroke. However, there's just way too much going on down there for me. I think I'll stick to my trusty GoLo for now. I've been using it and a GSS to put around the practice green in my house. I've also used some other Scotty's that I have. I love them all, but, I always keep the GoLo in the bag.

  8. vurich

    hey, brice!

    I'm loving my dual balance futura X.

    And it's all because of you!

    I never would've known about it.

    hope you and your family are well and wishing you all a great 2014!

    looking forward to seeing you at the Team Titleist Event in 2014!


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