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I Can't Wait

Mike B

I just put my order in yesterday on some custom order 714 AP2s with KBS Tour C-Tapers and can't wait to get them.  Any idea how long Titleist is typically running on getting the custom orders shipped?  Obviously, the holidays are coming, which could delay the process somewhat, but was just trying to get an idea.  I am in Atlanta so we are typically able to get out on the course year-round.

I just received some custom ordered Vokey SM4s the other day, but figured they are probably able to turn those around a little quicker since the SM4s have been out a while.  I have had 3 different sets of miz irons for the last several years to go along with my Titleist drivers, fairways, hybrid and Scotty putter - so I am now Titleist all the way through my bag.  I have never looked forward to a new set of irons quite like I am with the AP2s.

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  1. Cameron D

    Hey Mike,

    We are running 2-3 days in house for custom builds plus shipping (4 days ground to Atlanta).



  2. Mike B

    Great! That is a quick turnaround. Thank you for the response. Really looking forward to getting them out on the course!
  3. Dave G

    I got the same set shaft and all....THEY ARE GREAT!!!! the best irons I have ever played. You will love them. 

    I am also now titleist thru the bag and including the bag.  everything is the highest quality possible.

    Good luck and hit'em straight and far.

  4. Brandon

    I just ordered new clubs also, i cant wait to see the box at my door! Happy Holidays enjoy those new clubs!

  5. Mike B

    Thanks, Dave!  I agree . . . Titleist puts out the best quality products.  We are actually having very nice weather here right now, so hopefully they will make it before we have a cold spell.

    I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

  6. Mike B

    Thanks, Brandon.  I hope you and your family have Happy Holidays as well.  Good luck with the new clubs . . . hit'em well!

  7. Mike B

    Just picked up the new sticks....just in time for Christmas! Thank you Santa (Titileist)! Very quick turnaround. I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!

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