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714 AP2's The real deal!

Jeff K

Just wanted to share my experience with the new AP2's.  I'm a 7 handi and had been using a 710 MB/CB split set for the last few year's. Awesome club's in there own right but wanted to try something new. My biggest concern in switching iron's was loosing yard's. Well let me tell you what that didn't happen at all, in fact I picked up a few with my 4 and 3 iron. So my new stick's arrived last week and I had been dying to give them a go all week. Well yesterday was that day. I started my round with 5 straight bogey's :(  (took a couple hole's to get used to them) after that I went on to make 2 more bogey's through out the round, 2 birdie's, and 9 par's to shoot a smooth 77. The club's are so easy to hit, and I love the trajectory. I'm even able to finally hit a 3 iron now! Glad I made the switch and can't wait till Thursday to use them again. 

So if your on the fence about trying them I suggest you demo some :)

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  1. joe c

    my AP2's are seven weeks old and they are the sweetest set of irons i have owned. i too am coming from the 710 CB's which i thought we awesome…BUT…totally sold on the 714 AP2's.

  2. Nice Impact™

    Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I'm contemplating switching from my Cobra AMP Forged to the 714 AP2's, soon. I really love the look at address and the feel and sound of a pure strike on the AP2's. I don't think I'll go back to a 3-iron, though!

  3. Eric S

    Same here, switched from mixed set of 712 cb mb to the new ap2 and so glad I did. Very solid. Iove the sound and they go through the ground so smooth. Great irons. Love em

  4. Scott C

    Hey guys, my big issue with the 710 AP2 was turf interaction, thats why I still play the 710CB.  Have either of you noticed any difference in tight lies between your CB's and new AP2's?

  5. Dylan B

    Hey Scott I was contemplating the AP2's or the CB's and I went to the CB. One of the big reasons was feel anf turf interaction. So if you have the CB's and stick with them but try them both anyway.

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