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Finally hit my 714 ap2s,


Finally,,,,,i bought my 714ap2s about a month ago, and after trimming them regripping them, i finally got to hit them,mind you it was at a monitor ..this is my first set of titleist irons i was playing tm r9 blades ,i really need something after last year i had a really bad year with the tm blades i lost my club championship i didnt win much money in my skins games money games etc. so i needed a game changer and i think i found them in these 714ap2s.,these irons felt really good, at address they are perfect.  feel of these irons are very soft you really do not feel the ball of the face. i pretty much squared up every shot, i am 36 now and am a 3 handicap. these irons are very easy to hit ,,not sure the workability of the irons but feel like it shouldnt be a problem,cant wait for the snow to melt away here in michigan,These irons are the nicest set that titleist has ever put out in my opinion,  i am gonna head south and get in a few rounds hopfully i will shave a few strokes and get back in the high 60s lows 70s,,,thanks

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  1. Fred C

    The 714 AP2 irons are sweet. You'll find they work the ball just fine and, in my hands, they can really turn a draw in to a big hook LOL. 

  2. Norris

    Good luck with your new AP2's, and I'm sure your game will improve a great deal with them. There may be a short learning curve since you're hitting a much better set of irons now, but it won't take long, and you'll never look back, and that club championship trophy is in the bag for next year.
  3. Steve M

    John, good luck with the AP2s. Just a question, why did you have to regrip the clubs if you hadn't hit them yet? could you have simply ordered them with the grips that you wanted????? Steve
  4. JOHN L

    Well steve i ordered them a half inch longer because i have been having back problems but did not like them that long therefore i cut the 5 thu pw to standard and the 3 and 4 iron a bit longer,, and threw on some black and whiteout grips on them..

  5. memphisunited

    Love my 714 AP2s.  Been able to play a few rounds with them over the past month.  It's been really cold, so I don't know how they really compare, length wise, with my old AP2s.  But, the feel is incredible on the new AP2s.  Awesome irons.

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