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Tyson M

I have heard good things about this club but no one I know plays one and none of the golf shops in my area carry them or have any demos available to hit. I am not a fan of hybrids or fairway woods. Im fairly consistent with my 2 iron but am looking for something different. Does anyone have any input on their experiences with them?

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  1. Bob S

    Check out Mark Crossfield on you tube. He did a review on the clubs recently. 

  2. Robert J

    I have the 712U 21 deg (3 iron).  I too never got along with hybrids, and I tried them all.  For the 712U is stupid easy to hit, excellent feel, mid trajectory and great distance.  No more struggling with hybrids.

  3. 19hole

    Compared to the same iron, they are much easier to hit consistently.  They are more forgiving and I find the ball flight to be a bit higher. 

  4. Ron E

    I carry the 712U in 3 & 4 iron. IMO they are great long irons. The 3 iron is my go to off the tee club on short par 4's or when driver is not an option. The 4 iron may well be my favorite club in my bag and I use it fro all kinds of shots (low. hi. knockdowns, punch shots from the trees, etc.) . My home club is very tight and you have to be very creative when you miss a fairway to get it up and down. Great feel at impact when hit square. Good feedback when not. Just a very solid feeling iron head. I play the steelfiber shafts and highly recommend the combination. 

  5. Harkaran R


    I switched my 4 iron 712 CB to 712U 4 iron earlier this year and have never looked back. The 712U is IMO much easier club to hit then the CB and works perfect from the tee and deck. I got the same shaft as my other irons in the 712U 4 iron. 

  6. Cameron D


    I currently play a 712U.  It works well for me because I prefer irons over hybrids and fairway metals.  This is a great option if you have success with 2 irons and like to work the ball.  It also is a great option for players playing MBs and CBs.



  7. BryanDeGugs

    I am not a fan of hybrids as well and bought the 712U "2" over the summer.  I've always been a better iron player than woods and loved the driving iron instantly.  I was unable to demo as well and just ordered from the pro at my course as I was turned off by the bulky look of most of the other brands.  I feel the club is a lot more forgiving than it looks and is great off the tee.  I'm debating buying the 3, don't think I need it, but am looking for a new toy.  Definitely recommend the 712u.

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