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Thicker Grips Verdict?

Dylan B

I have just had a Super Stroke Slim 3.0 put on my Scotty Cameron Select newport 2. Havn't had a chance to try it out yet hopefully tommorrow. Just hoping to get everyones verdict on thicker grips good or bad.

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    Adding those bulky grips will really mess up your feel and swing-weight.

    If you do add a larger thicker grip hopefully you are able to adjust your putter weight to counterbalance the heavier grip.

    Good Luck!

    Dr. K

  2. Don O

    My wife is new to golf.  I added a SS and some lead tape to her (TM) putter and it was lights out unbelievable.  The more you tend to use your wrists, the better the control you can get by keeping them quiet.  In her case, she was real wristy.  It really cut down on pushes, pulls, and even distance control.  No more 3 foot putts going off the green and she dropped a couple and had a couple more tap-ins from over 6 feet.

    It has me thinking of swapping out my pistolero grip.

  3. tdogg21

    Honestly, I hate the look of them.  But I was in a Golfsmith the other day and tried out about 10 different putters with just about every Super Stroke grip, and I have to admit, I really liked it.  Not sure how I would like it long term, but the larger grip was really comfortable.

  4. Kevin H

    In my opinion, there is no good or bad in putter grip sixpence. But what really matters is your preference. So try it out and you will know.

  5. AJAR

    My buddy has this on his GoLo and out of curiosity (as well as my hands getting unstable during the putting stroke) I decided to have a few putts with it. It really 'quietened' my hands and wrists. I will try it a few more times to get a better sense but I look forward to Scotty increasing his range to include fat grips - I hear he may already be on it. Anyone hear more?

  6. Cameron D


    They are great for players that tend to get very handsy.  I've used one for years and like to think it has helped.



  7. Mike C

    Hi Dylan - I switched to a thicker grip on my putter several years ago and it really worked to improve my putting stroke.  I tended to get very "wristy" in my stroke and it calmed it down quite a bit.  Give it a try and see what works best for you.  God luck with the new grip and here's to fewer putts in the new year!

  8. Dylan B

    Just tried it out today. Grip pressure is completely different. Rolling the ball great

  9. Robert W

    I  use one on a mallet putter and really like it.  I agree that it may change the feel of the perceived swing weight (especially with blades).  Obviously something that many pros were able to get used to.

  10. Hotsauce

    I hate the super stroke.  I have no confidence and always push everything to the right.  I agree with Tdogg and hate the looks as well.  Three strikes for me.

    However, my buddy games one and has been lights out since he put one on.  Remember Jim F. with his upside down backwards grip??   Whatever works...

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