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Junior size AP1s


I'm considering picking up a set of used AP1s for my nephew.  He's ten and would need shorter clubs.  So my thoughts are to pull the shafts and re-shaft with a junior shaft.  And as he grows I could replace the shaft until the heads wear out.  Does anyone see anything wrong with that?  For the club fitters out there, is there anything I should keep my eye on (like swing weight?)

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  1. tdogg21

    To add to my question, is there a difference in the heads from a men's iron and a lady's iron?

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The heads are all the same.  We have several members that have done that for their kids and it has worked out fairly well. 

    If you would like to get him fit....we have accounts around the country that have "junior" or short sets of woods and iron shafts.  The drivers are as short as 41", and AP1 6 iron shaft at 35.5". 

  3. Billy E

    I cut an inch off my irons to fit my size and it worked out great

  4. Jerry S

    Tdogg, How big is your 10 yr old nephew? I've built many sets of clubs for my son Tommy who just turned 13. He's relatively small at 5'3 and 95 lbs. When he was 10, there were kids hitting drivers 150 yards and kids hitting it 220 yards. 10 is about the time when Tommy got his first set of Men's clubs. However, they were too heavy for him and he missed junior world for the only time. Before that he was playing a set of women's clubs from another manufacturer and looking back, he should have stayed with the women's clubs for a year longer. But assuming your nephew is a bit bigger than my son, then he's probably about ready for the men's clubs. I built my son AP2s. If you son is serious about golf, he probably won't need the bigger clubface. My son just switched out of the AP2s into MBs. The key is the shafts. for kids you'll want a lightweight A-flex graphite iron shaft. The graphaloy prolauch blue worked well for my son. Even a-flex will become pretty stiff when you cut it off to the right size. They you'll probably spend a lot of time getting the length increments right. Expect only about 5 yds per club difference between irons. Use women's grips until his hands grow. At 12/13, I switched my son from the graphite shaft to the lightweight steel shaft when his driver swing speed was about 85. Go with a high launch (low kick point) shaft as the lower swing speed will flay further with higher launch. --Jerry
  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Tommy has become a pretty good young player with a solid swing and one of the factors was probably staying in a light shaft with the proper length so his swing could develop. 

  6. tdogg21

    Cathi and Jerry, thanks for the replies!   I was looking at a used set of women's AP1s, before Christmas, but they are gone now.  I knew they wouldn't last, but I wasn't sure if that was a solid direction to go in at the time.  But in the future, I'll definitely scoop them up when I see a deal.

    Jerry, my nephew is actually a little smaller than your son was at 10.  He's definitely small for his age.  But I'm 6'4" and my brother (his dad) is over 6', so I'm expecting he'll have a growth spurt soon.  I picked up some light weight junior clubs that I gave him for Christmas.  I'm going to teach him with those and if/when he shows the desire and improvement I'll move to nicer clubs.  I'll keep the weight in mind as he grows.  It's good to hear what you have learned from your experiences.  I really appreciate the details you gave.  I might come to you later with more questions!

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