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ap-2 714 gap wedge vs vokey 50 degree

dean h

anyone reccomend one over the other in terms of  forgiveness, versatility, etc

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  1. Frank P

    I've heard this explained by Michael Breed and several other instructors on "The Golf Channel". If most of your pitching and gap wedge shots are full swing or are going to be hit with a square clubface, use the wedges in the set for max forgiveness. If you are skilled enough to manipulate the clubface for various shots and situations, then get the specialty wedges such as Vokey.

                                                                                                                                Frank P

  2. Bill T

    I have the AP-2 50* and love it. Haven't hit the Vokey.
  3. Doug E

    I am sure you will hear other perspectives on this, but, for me, I feel the blade style of the Vokey gives me a lot more opportunity to be creative on short pitches, chips and touch shots from a variety of different type lies. For purely full swing approach shots, I think either works.

    If we were talking about a GI iron like an AP1 gap wedge, you have even less feel for those touch shots due to the bigger head and extra forgiveness built-in. But, with an AP2 the difference between it and a similarly-lofted SM Vokey is not as noticeable in my opinion.  

    FYI, I play an AP2-712 PW which is 47*, and a Vokey SM2 52-08* GW. Even though the difference in loft is a full 5*, on full swing shots, I don't see a problem with too much of a gap between the two. I hit my 47* AP2 PW only about 10 yards (15 max) further than my Vokey 52.

    If your AP2s happen to be custom fit for you at 1/4" short, as was the case for me, just be aware that a Vokey 52* bought off the rack will be the same length. Not that it really matters, but something to consider.

    Also, another consideration, Vokeys are designed and built with all sorts of shots in mind from various types of lies. AP2s are designed primarily to hit full-swing approach shots. Again, JMHO.

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