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Changed Putters

Chuck Z

Consider myself a pretty good putter, but lately my stroke has gone astray.  Figured to make a change.  Took my Newport 2 Notchback Select 35" 15gr Midsize Scotty Grip out of the bag and inserted my older model Studio Style Newport 2 303 GSS 35" 330grm 1.0 Super Stroke Grip  in the bag and my buddies asked me to please take it out....what an improvement....more on line and more birdies......three birdies and an eagle.....first day out.....guess it will stay there for a while....always used a plumber neck shaft until this new notchback......if this trend continues might have to stay with the older model Scotty.......

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  1. Gabe B

    Chuck, You always have to keep a putter in the closest to scare the one in the bag into performing. Once in a while you must take the putter out of the closest and put it in the bag and magically it seems to work. Once it goes cold again put it back in the closest and repeat the process.
  2. Chris92009 may also want to consider different types of models that have various toe hang as well as keep some additional weights around so you can add or lighten weight if needed.  Good Luck!

  3. Mike C

    Sometimes a simple change between putters can really make a difference.  I have found the same thing at times when my stroke seems to be off a bot.  I'm sure it is just something psychological with the change ... but if it works stick with it.  Glad your putting is back on line and the birdies are accumulating on your scorecards!

  4. Norris

    I'm with you Gabe. I have 1/2 a bag full of putters, but 3 that work really well for me at times. Can't explain it, but I can putt well with one of them for several rounds, then for no logical reason all of a sudden I can't make a putt to save me. I can then pick another one of my putters and putt well with it for several rounds, then bingo, can't make putts again. Get the 3rd putter and putt well again. It's a vicious circle, and I wish it would stop, and I could putt well with one putter all the time. Don't know if it's all in my head, or not, but it's there.
  5. Michael B

    Chuck, do you think it might be the grip? What type of grip do you have on the Newport? At the end of last season, a friend of mine put a Super Stroke Grip on his putter and his putting improved, greatly.

  6. Chuck Z

    I am not really in to changing putters, but I did.  I try to work on the game but this winter have been having problem hitting the hole.  Have had my putter tweeked.  It was out of allignment and that worked for a while.  Think it just might be in the head.  With the cold and wet conditions we are playing under lately it just might be the indian as they say.  As they say practice, practice, practice and keep it on the pro side.  After yesterdays round think I should stay in out of the cold and wait for warmer days and stop frustrating's 36 outside and we tee off at 1140am....should be up to 48 but these greens should be dried out and a little faster than yesterdays.....     

  7. Curtis S

    Just purchased the Futura  dual balance putter .  It took a couple of rounds to get comfortable with the looks but my putting has defiently improved . 

  8. Chris92009

    The Futura DB putter is amazing! I love the feel...

  9. ToddL

    Chuck - Have you ever been "fit" for a putter?  I was a few years ago and it made a huge difference.  I used to by OTR and thought "oh, this feels comfortable".  Boy, was I wrong.  Ended up going with a custom Scotty (Monterrey Heavy) and love it.  

    Definitely worth going to your pro and getting fit for the putter.  

  10. Bryan K

    I read somewhere that once you purchase a new club of any kind, but most specifically putters, that at first you are more concerned with the feel of the club. The grip feeks different, weight different... just about everything different. Once you become comfortable with the feel of the club you begin to become concerned with your swing/stroke subconciously and that's when you run into  problems!! Once you grab the new putter though, it feels totally new and you don't think about your stroke because the feel is so different compared to that putter you're comfortable with. Just a thought, hope you dial it in Chuck.

  11. vurich

    Agreed, Curtis.  Love the dual balance.  I went out of town and had my old Cameron and it felt so odd.  Dual balance X is the real deal.  Keep holing them!


  12. Chuck Z

    Chris92009 may also want to consider different types of models that have various toe hang as well as keep some additional weights around so you can add or lighten weight if needed.  Good Luck!


    Changed the weight from a 10gr to a 15gr about six months ago....just felt it was a little too light for my Scotty's.....think it just a matter of they say you have to punish you primary putter every now and then to show them who is Select is a great putter I just get handsy with it on occasions, going from slow to fast greens.....actually have put the older model back in the mancave.....figured it was best to just work it out on the putting green.....with the cold weather, the green have been rather damp and I would say a little grainny.....once I get that confidence level out....

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