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714 AP2 or 714 MB

Justin M

I am a low single digit and have just got fitted for new irons and the AP2's and MB's were the best. I am left handed and the place I went to get custom fitted didnt have some of the new irons I wanted to hit in lefty so they said when they come in (next couple weeks) I can go back and try them on trackman with no additional charge. The numbers on the AP2's and MB's were basically identical. So the big question is, is there really a reason in purchasing the MB's when all the numbers and the feel are almost the same with a more forgiving AP2?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    When the heads arrive, we would recommend hitting them again as there would normally be a difference in launch and spin between the two heads with the same shaft.  If you are hitting outside on turf and continue to see no difference in launch, spin, and the way they go through the turf, you can simply select by preference in looks and forgivieness.  The AP2's will be more forgiving than the MB's. 

  2. Chris92009

    Cathi brings up a great point.  When I was at Titleist TPI Oceanside last year the AP2's were so forgiving and the trackman numbers were similar so it was tough to consider the MB or CB' it seems they continue to evolve into smaller heads that feel and have some workability similar to the other models...I went with AP2's but the choices are all incredible! Have fun!

  3. Justin M

    Very hard decision. Almost positive I will go with CB (4 and 5) and MB (6-PW). I just prefer the looks on the MB's with that thinner topline and the slightly softer feel.

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