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CB Pricing Question

Adam R

What would it cost if i were to buy CB 4-PW with a Project X PXi 6.0 upgrade?

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  1. 19hole

    Pricing is set by the individual retailer.  I would say for the best pricing you should ask your local PGA Professional. They generally place more special orders than the big box retailers and can offer you the best possible pricing as they are not tired into a corporate pricing structure. 

  2. keith d

    If you go to and click on golf clubs and then click on custom fitting it will allow you to pick out what you want as far as options and then give you a price. This would give you an idea of what the price would be at most pro shops. According to golfsmith you would be looking at about $1100.00. The pxi shaft is a $34.00 upgrade per shaft.
  3. Samuel C

    Hey Adam, 

    That's a great question. Usually a full set of CB's is about $999.99 with stock shaft and grips. Most pro shops and retailers will do a custom order based on the # of irons you buy, plus the upgrade charge for the shaft and grip. So if you are looking at 4-PW, are you already looking at (about) $124.99 X 7 (irons), + upgrade charge per shaft + upgrade charge per grip (if you decide to get something other than the stock M580 grip) + tax.

    I think the PXi shaft is about $25 per iron. From my experience, this is a lot cheaper to do now, than later and you know it's done correctly. 

    So for example, if you ordered 4-PW with the stock grip, the total would be around ($874.93 + $175.00) $1049,93 + tax. 

    Have you had a chance to get and get fitted for the irons, shafts and specs?

    Let us know what you decide on getting and how they turn out for you. 



  4. Adam R

    Every thing that i was looking for thanks for your answer

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