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New AP1 714, and 913 D2

Mike G

If any one is hesitating about purchasing a set of the 714 AP1's take it from me they are WORTH their weight in GOLD!! My shots are flying straighter, longer and I am hitting more GIR. The new 913 D2 driver has kept my drives in the fairways and is much longer than my Taylor Made driver. The game is much more fun when you play from the short grass and you are putting for more birdies. Now if I could just get my putter to work better the game really would be FANTASTIC. I am so happy that I got fitted for the new AP1 714 Irons and I believe that anyone could benefit from these fantastic IRONS if they get fitted by a professional club fitter!

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  1. Ricky H

    So glad to hear you say that Mike. I got my AP1's today and will play this weekend. If my experience with them is half as good as yours I will be very happy. I too, want to get fitted for a new 913 D2 along with 3 wood and hybrids. then I will be totally Titleist!
  2. Mike G

    Take your 913 D2 and fairway woods to the range and find the setting that fits you best. Same for the hybrids. And I know that you will enjoy the irons and woods. Good luck.
  3. menielsen

    Did you go with R or S in the AP1.  What do you plan to do for wedge setup? this is my only hesitation with getting the AP1.  I normally play 56/60 but with AP1 - the gap between pw/gw/sw - 44/48 -- 56 is pretty big.. however if i did every 4 -  44/48/52/56 - i miss out on those fun lob shots.  Just curious what you did.

  4. Keith M

    Glad to hear about your success with the 714s.  I'm a 712 AP1 owner and love them. 

    @menielsen, I can't speak for the OP, but your setup is similar to mine.  I haven't tested the 714s, but with the 712s I have S and carry only a 56 and 60 wedges.  I hear what you are saying about the gaps, but I find if I hitting the ball well, the gaps don't really matter. 

    In theory, I should be hitting greens from further out so having a gap between wedges isn't a big deal.  I try to put it in a place that at worst I'm hitting a 3/4 P or full 56, or 60 depending on yardage.  I emphasize *theory* and *should* because golf doesn't always work out that way for me.  I'm more likely to be hitting from weeds, pinestraw, from behind a tree, and so on. 

  5. Smitty

    Got fitted for some AP1 714s and they arrived today! I took them to the range and they performed better than expected - can't wait to get them out on the course!
  6. Mike G

    I went with the XP 95 Regular shafts and had the same shaft put in the 56 wedge. I went with the standard 4-P, 48*, 52*, and 56* Titleist SM4 wedge. I love the 56 and use it like a LOB wedge. I open it just a little and it works for me. Like I said before, I am very satisfied with my AP 1 714 Irons. Get a good fitting and you might find that you can use the 56 or even a 58 for your lob wedge shots. Good luck and you should be satisfied with these clubs. I have played Taylor Made, miz and cally over the years and have never been as happy with a set of irons as I am with these clubs.
  7. Mike G

    In regards to *theory* and *should*, I can sympathize with those. I often wondered why anyone would build a golf course and put *GREEN GRASS* on it because I never could play from that stuff. Give me sand, trees and woods and I was happy. But with these new AP 1 714's I now have found out why they put *GREEN GRASS* on the courses, and I am learning to play from that area! Can't say I now miss the woods, sand and trees that much!! I am hoping to lower my handicap with these new irons. Maybe even get good enough to play the AP2's one day.
  8. andy r

    I couldn't agree more....I had my first ever fitting in October , my AP 1's arrived November 10th and I could not be happier.

    I have added about 10 yards with these irons on average while hitting them higher and straighter.

    Once again proving that Titleist is the # 1 company when it comes to golf clubs and TPI certified fitters are great at what they do !!

    Play well all

  9. Tyler C

    Mike you are right I am 16 and I got the ap1 irons and 913 D2 driver. My first round playing with them I shot a 75 my best round ever. My dad got me these clubs so I can try to make my high school golf team. I feel like I will play better golf with my new set and I thank titleist with this technology in the clubs.
  10. Mike G

    So glad that you have a set of the new 714's and that you are playing so good. Congratulations and I know with scores like that you will make the high school golf team with no problems. I think that with a lot of practice with these irons you maybe able to go on to College golf and then who knows where you might end up. Again congratulations.
  11. john h

    So glad to hear you all like your ap1s just proves i have picked the right irons cant wait to get on the course when it warms up here in England

  12. AC RixRox

    LOL, you won't last long on the AP1's. The AP1's are so good you'll be looking for more. You'll say, that's easy can I get more control? oh, yeah! You will be listing those 714 AP1's on ebay looking for new AP2's real soon. Another half season more on my new AP1's and I'll be going for new AP2's. You just have to learn each club but that's half the fun!
  13. James S

    I will be going for an AP1 fitting some time next week when it warms up enough for the Florida boy to stand outside with no more than a sweatshirt on. I debated a lot between the AP1 and AP2 which I think are about the prettiest clubs going, but the sensible side of my brain reminds me that at a 10 handicap my game still needs improving and some of my shots need all the help a club can give them. I've also debated a lot about wedges. I'm going to carry a 56 and a 60 and drop a fairway wood. I've been carrying both a 4 and a 7, but depending on the course end up predominantly using one of the other, so one will stay in the trunk. Personally, I prefer to have the granularity on the short end of the bag. And finally my plug for the 913D2. It is a FABULOUS golf club. I love playing second shots from the fairway.

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