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Question about swingweights on irons that are longer than standard


Generally speaking, are irons that are ordered from the factory longer than standard somehow adjusted back to stock swingweight? For example, I'm looking at buying some 712 MB's that are +1" and I'd cut them to play at standard length, but if they're D2 now, I'd be losing 6 swingweight points which wouldn't be practical to to put back.

Of course, if the +1" shafts were installed afterwards, I assume cutting them to standard would restore the original D2 swingweight.

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  1. Q

    Nevermind, I found out that for the MB and CB, there are no SW adjustments so even ordering them shorter/longer than standard from the factory will produce a different swingweights.

    I wonder if that means custom ordering lighter shafts will also produce different swingweights. Project X 6.5 is only 5 grams lighter than S300/X100 so that would only produce half a point SW change, but PX 5.5 is 15 grams lighter which almost gets you to D0 on the MB, to say nothing of PXi or graphite shafts. Are tip weights used in such cases?

  2. Chris92009

    If you are going to order custom specs, I would request a custom swingweight...whatever it is that you prefer...I would not get focused on "stock" swing weights...that will ensure you get what you want! JAT

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