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714 irons

Patrick W

I purchased a new set of custom AP2 714 irons and after about a dozen rounds the paint on the numbers is coming off.  Is there an easy way to fix this?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Patrick,  I am sorry to hear about the numbers.  When you have one week to spare without your irons, take them to your pro and have him set up a Warranty repair.  Ask him to get an expedited shipping label and priority on the repair and they will bring it in and repaint it for you.

  2. Evan01

    Where did you buy them? A reputable dealer or inexpensively on line? How much did you pay?

  3. Evan01

    Well how did you purchase your irons?

  4. menielsen

    is this a known problem? I am in the market for AP2 and have noticed that every demo set i have used in the big stores, the numbers are chipping. I would hate to have this happen.

  5. Patrick W

    I purchased them through my local pro. I will be seeing him next week. I am sure he will return them Titleist. The club faces on some of the irons have small rust spots after 2 rounds. Most likely a problem during manufacturing. Titleist makes great clubs and I know they will back up their products. 

  6. menielsen

    Titleist Rep - is this a known issue? it appears this is the 2nd post of paint issues.  Also like i asked in previous post, it seems the demo sets in the big box stores - the paint is missing on most of them.  was this a production issue? if i do purchase - what is the warranty on something like this? Thank you

  7. Tim Tiger


    I am  seeing a similar issue with my AP2 714's.  The 9 iron paint has almost entirely come off.  I did not notice if any of the others were starting to strip.  

    Our season is getting into full swing right now and it will be hard to part with the sticks for long.


  8. Andrew A

    Paint fills coming out is common issue with almost irons over time.  I would suggest refilling them yourself with a small amount of oil based paint.  I've done this to my irons a number of times and recently redid all of the new AP2's.  Simply fill int he number, don't worry about overfilling, and let dry overnight.  Then, with a lint free cloth with a little acetone or nail polish removed, lightly wipe off the excess.  Warning, this becomes addictive and causes the desire to customize all of your irons.  Below is how mine turned out.  Hope this helps!

  9. bigearnucsd

    Andrew A, looks nice!!! I may have to give it a try.

    I have 714 ap2s and my paints are coming off too especially on the higher loft ones like 9 and pw. Doesn't really bother me though.these are still the best looking, best performing irons out in the market right now.

    May be titleist will keep this in mind for 716s?

  10. David B

    This is a very common problem.  I had a set of 735 CM that almost every club lost the paint out of the number.  I have a set of AP2 712 that it is also beginning to come out of.  I use a fine tipped "Painters Pen" to fill them back in.  It is just paint in a pen that you can find anywhere that sells paints and crafts.  Easy fix, but even that doesn't last.  I wouldn't consider this a major flaw, but I do expect to see this same question in a couple years when the 716's are out.

  11. Tim Tiger

    No complaints on the clubs other than they are not 6 months in use and the paint is coming off.  That could potentially lead to an issue if this is an occurrence  on a large percentage of the clubs.  Would not like to see these clubs with a bag image.


  12. memphisunited

    I love my 714 AP2s, but agree with the comments here.  I've probably played 10 or 15 rounds with the irons and the paint is coming out of the numbers.  Not a big enough deal for me to send them back for re-painting.  Other than the paint issue, the clubs are really nice.  The feel is great and the look at address is beautiful.  Great sticks.

  13. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  If you have 5-7 business days free, please take it to your shop and have them get a shipping label and we will take care if it for you.  If not, it is okay to wait until the end of the season and we will take care of it at that time.  Whatever is easiest for you.

  14. Brenden S

    Wow what an awesome idea! I like the ingenuity and it looks like it turned out very well. I recently bought my AP2's, though they are 712's and should I have this paint chipping issue I am going to do the same thing! Thanks for the great idea, -B
  15. Mitchell C

    I dont think this is a regular occurrence with the irons,  i've had my set of AP2's since the release and have had no issues with the paintfill.   Still as glorious as the day they came in with several rounds under the belt.   

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