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30 degree Hybrid ?

Frank P

Is there any chance that Titileist will be coming out with a 30 degree hybrid as an alternative to a 6-iron ? Some competitor companies have them, but I'd like to keep it " in the family".

                                                               Frank P

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  1. Don O

    As an alternative, if there isn't, the six irons (AP1) are 29 degrees, and the 27H can be dialed to 28.5.  I've been pondering on setting the -

    27H to 28.5 (removing the 6I)

    24H to 25.5

    21H to 22.5 (don't have this one, yet)

    Adjusting my 21F to 20.25 (don't want a 19F right now - the love affair with this go-to fairway is too strong).

    I'm going to check my distances first to see how the 7-6 irons and current 27H are gapping, then see if the 7I-27H-24H work ok and look at a 21H at that time.  This will give me something to do with my pro shop - a Trackman and mats is the best I can hope for with a continous foot of snow cover for the winter.

    ...Or not.  I really have the hybrids dialed in now, and I've been making more consistent contact with the 6I.  If I had to use the 5I (not in the bag) I could, but the 27 beats it for consistency.

  2. Sue T

    Thanks for the Titleist ball tryout  this morning at Buckhorn Golf and Country Club in Valrico Florida.  You have helped me immensely to chose the correct Titleist golf ball.  Thanks again

    Sue T

  3. Chris92009

    I have not seen titleist ever produce such a loft, curious to hear the answer.  Seems unlikely though...

  4. Hatch

    I realize it's not 30...but the 27 degree with the -.75 degree adjustment gets you close.

  5. Frank P

    The reason for my question was that when I went for my club fitting, the fitter and I were debating if I should go with the AP1 6-Iron or stay with my 6 hybrid, a cally RAZR X, 30 degree, 381/2". I hit both equally long and high. The fitter told me to stick with the 6-Hybrid because of the versatility from rough and fairway bunkers. I also have this club in 27 & 24 degrees(for 5 & 4 iron res spectivly) . The fitters decision was to not tinker with the hybrids, which were working fine and were the same loft as Titleist(24 & 27) and go with Titleist with Irons, Wedges, Driver and Fairway woods. Cathi, maybe you have some info on the possibility of a 913 H at 30 degrees coming out in the future.

                                        Frank P

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Frank,  We did build and test a prototype 30° hybrid, but, we build and test a lot with our consumers and pros, and this one is not scheduled to be brought to market.

  7. Frank P

    Cathi, is there any chance that I might be able to purchase a prototype 30 degree hybrid with a Bassara 60 H, Regular shaft, 38 1/2" long ? If not, I understand. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks.

                                                                     Frank P

  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Frank,  Unfortunately, not.

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