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ap712 vs 714

Mark N

I have been playing the ap2 712's for about six months and love them my question is would it be worth upgrading to the 714's ? Is there a noticeable  improvement in the new 714's over the 712's? 


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  1. Curtis S

    I have been thinking about upgrading myself but after two months of demoing the 714's  I determined there was not enough difference between the two to justify the change ........ I'll wait until the 716's drop.

  2. HawaiiMarine

    In short ... YES! I've played with the 710's, 712's and now the 714's and I have to say that these clubs are my favorite clubs by far. Aside from all of the cosmetic tweaks and the technical enhancements that we've all read about, these irons look, feel and play beautifully!! The ball trampolines- JUMPS off the face! I never really experienced that by which I was hoping/expecting from all the "pub" the predecessors were supposed to do ...

    Simply, these clubs just feel very smooth and well weighted/balanced. BUTTER! Even the mishits' results made me laugh in amazement. The response and feel of these clubs "tell" you very well whether you hit the ball nicely or not and the mishits- blades, toe shots ... The results were quite forgiving!

    I'm a 9 handicap and have my fair share of bad days on the course, but there is nothing better than going to the course and teeing off with such an instilled sense of confidence- if you have the money, I highly recommend the 714 AP2 irons!

    I typically get the 4-PW, but went ahead and got the 4-GW and compliment the set with a couple Vokeys and the 712u (#2) driving iron- the driving iron is a whole different story! My favorite club in the bag!!
  3. robert w

    For me, it was a no brainer. I switched from the 712 to 714 ap2 without any doubt.  For me, they feel softer which is a big plus. The shorter irons also flight better, due to design. It helps me knock down shots in the wind that I never could with 712 ap2. The biggest positive for me was the satin club face at address. I love the appearance at address better. These are just my assessments. Everyone is different.  

  4. Curtis M

    I have heard of a few people say they've noticed a big difference, and some say not.   Go swing a couple and see what your own opinion is.   You never know what you might find!

  5. Chris92009

    I have both AP2's and in my opinion there are differences...whether one notices them or not it seems based upon Curtis's note is up the person.  However, I do notice a difference in the two that is significant ranging from cosmetic to performance.  Thus, it is up to your budget and what you are comfortable with...the 712's are great clubs but I find the 714's worth the upgrade. 

    Hope this insight helps...

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