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695 MB and now dont know what to BUY?!?! AP2, CB, or MB? HELP!!!!!

Jarrod M

I currently have 695 MB irons. I am a scratch golfer. My miss is usually a draw. I am a weekend warrior and maybe once during the week for work. I cannot make up my mind if i should get the 714 MB, CB, or AP2's????????? My thoughts were to stick with MBs, but i see guys on TOUR playing AP2s and i think to myself.... i'm an amateur golfer playing blades... I seriously need help!!!!!

I have a nice high trajectory with x-stiff steel shafts and hit the ball long. distance and loft is currently not an issue... I'm not concerned with distance primarily. The ONE concern i have is, i went to get fitted 2 years ago and 1 out of 5-7 shots would "JUMP" off of the face and fly an extra 7-10 yards. That scared me as i do like to compete in tournaments still.


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We would recommend seeing a good fitter that can help you select the head and shaft for most consistent play.  It may mean sticking with the MB's in your short irons and going to the CB's or even AP2's in your longer irons, but going to a fitter will help you make that decision.  There are several recommended in your area: Quinn Griffing is at Donald Ross GC - 260-745-7093, Doug Booth is at Deer Track GC - 260.627.2121, and Tony Louden is at Whispering Creek GC in New Haven.  Both Quinn and Tony have capability of fitting indoors too, if the weather is inclement.   

  2. Jarrod M

    Thanks guys. Ordered some AP2s with same specs but ordered then 1 degree soft bc I didn't like how the lofts were different. Can't wait to get the new sticks

  3. Jim W

    Only way to tell is to hit them & get fit..Titleist "blades" are known for being VERY HARSH on off center hits..Having owned number set of Titty blades and 1 set of AP2's I would stear ya towards the AP2's and give them several rounds..PS: DONT LET ANYONE GIVE YOU THE LOW HPC CRAP AND BLADES, IT'S WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR EYE..If ya just can't look at the wedge in a set, then gets Volkeys from the PW down..good luck
  4. drtaylorwright

    A little surprised someone that is scratch and hits the ball as well as you do is asking this questions, blades all the way. You don't need to worry about forgiveness or miss hits with the skills you are indicating. You will lose feel with the AP2's. I switched from the MB's to the new AP2's and kind of regret it, and I'm a 9 handicap. I just miss the feeling and look of the blades… they were so FUN to play with and I think I actually play better with them because they really make you focus on your swing and contact. Don't worry about what the pro's are playing… we get so caught up in what the pro's play, I hate that I do:) 

    If you do get caught up in what the pro's play then ask yourself what kind of a pro do you want to be like… a Ben Crane, Zach Johnson, Kevin Na pro? Or an Adam Scott Pro:) Can't wait to see the replies on this one… good luck


  5. Matt B

    I'm a 4 hcp and thought the extra forgiveness in the cavity back would help me improve my game, I was wrong. The distance dispersion you mentioned is exactly why I switched back to blades from game improvement CB. Good luck with the AP2's my friend plays them and he loves them! I'm sticking with what I know works.
  6. Andrew W

    I'm a 2 handicap and I have been playing the 710 MB now for around 4 years now.  I have recently debated on whether or not to go with the AP2's as well and for the exact same reason.   "Why are so many pros playing the AP2 and not the MB or even the CB?"  It's all about feel and personal preference. 


    After some testing and research I have recently removed the 3 and 4 iron from my bag and replaced them with 21* 910H, and added an extra wedge.  So I'm currently carrying Driver, 3 wood, 19* 910H, 21*910H, 5-PW in the MB with 54*,58*, and 62* vokeys.   I found that the hybrids are more versatile when it comes to shot shaping and distance due to the long irons being more difficult to strike.  Also looked at the fact that in a typical round I only have maybe 3 or 4 shots from 200-220 yards and around 30 from 150 yards and in.  So I chose to have more options with the scoring clubs.  I now have a complete set of clubs where no matter which one I pull from the bag I have 100% confidence that if I make a good swing it's going exactly where I want it.  To me that's more important than what the pros have in their bags. 


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