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Shaft compatibility 910 vs 913

Antti K


I bought two new 913 clubs, fairway wood and hybrid. Previously I have four Titleist 910 clubs, driver, fairway wood and few hybrids, and also few extra shafts. I assumed that shafts are compatible with each other, but these were not. Is it realy true that 910 and 913 shafts are a bit different and these can't be interchanged. If it is so I am very disappointed.


Best Regards.


Disappointed Antti 

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  1. 19hole

    It is true,  that shafts are not the same.  However,  for a fee your local Titleist dealers can get the shaft tips changed from the 910 to the 913 adapters

  2. Michael L

    You are correct. I had the same problem. The 910 shafts are not interchangeable with 913 shafts. It is VERY disappointing!


  3. Norris

    Antti K. If I'm not mistaken, and I'm very sure, the 910 & 913 driver shafts are interchangeable, but the fairways, and hybrids are not.

  4. Breks19


    Yes it is true there is no compatibility between the 910 and 913 shaft adapters for the fairway wood and hybrid, however the driver shafts are still interchangeable.

    Sorry bud,


  5. Michael O

    Don't Be Disappointed Antti,

    Have you tried them or just taking the sales persons word for it?

    I have the new 913 D3 Driver  and the 13.5 Fairway Wood and I also have  a 910 Driver , 910 15 Degree 3 Wood and 2 910 Hybrids.  I am currently playing my 913 D3 Head with the shaft out of my 910 3 wood and it works just fine.   

    Good Luck,


  6. Ken W

    There is absolutely no reason to be disappointed or frustrated with Titleist. Moving forward, they found ways to improve the efficiency of the adaptors in the hybrids and fairways thus the change. If your 910 shafts came from Titleist, you can send them in for the adaptor exchange and they'll be back before you know it with warranteed work done in their factory at a very fair price. If not, a good clubmaker can install 913 adaptors onto your shafts very easily. You may have to go with an aftermarket adaptor or find an authentic adaptor online since they are not sold separately by Titleist, but either choice will get your shafts fit correctly into your 913 heads. If you go the aftermarket route, my favorite supplier is Billy Bob's Golf as they back up their products and stay very current with just about every change in the industry.
  7. Victor R

    What size adapter do I need for a 913 Driver  please? Is it the 335 or 350 or 370? 

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