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Nicholas D

I'm thinking about buying new wedges and I want Titleist but I have played cleve for years. My hesitation is that I've never really played Titleist wedges but I want some other opinions. I appreciate your opinion!

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  1. Tyson M

    Ive played cleve my whole life and really had no complaints with them. I switched to AP2 irons this year and was needing some new wedges. I decided to give Titleist a try with them. I bought all Vokey SM4's (50-54-58). After playing a few rounds with them I am a total fan. Lots more consistent and I have more confidence in them around the greens. If you want a good overall wedge the Vokeys are the way to go. 

  2. Don O

    Short of possibly some very exclusive custom grinders, nobody offers more lofts, bounce, and grinds than cleve - except for Vokey.  What's not to like?  With so many choices, you might want to make sure you find a pro shop/advance fitting center that carries a good variety to try from both grass and bunker.

    Going to has a lot of good information to read up on before buying anything.

  3. Jackson F

    cleve does make good wedges but you should really look into the SM5's that are coming out. The most important thing is to hit some wedges that you are looking into and compare things such as turf interaction or bounce. Hope this helps.

  4. Sean S

    I recently made the switch from cleve CG15's to Vokey SM4's and couldn't be happier. I like the fact that with the Vokey wedges you have more options in terms of grinds. This has allowed me to have a set of wedges that work in the conditions I see the most here in Virginia. I use the 46/8, 50/8, 54/11 and 58/8.

    I didn't see a big difference in terms of spin but I do find the Vokey's easier to hit on full and partial shots but that could just be me.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Chris92009

    Nicholas, great question...I played cleve Wedges for years and a few years ago switched to Vokey-Titleist will actually improve your wedge play IMHO.  The looks are similar as well as one's ability to customize/order specific grinds is available in a much wider variety.  I admit at first I was not sure if the hype of Vokey wedges would live up to the billing I see in many posts around the I was lucky enough recently to spend some time with Voke himself and I felt proof during our conversations that he does put all his efforts into the wedges you that we can buy at a store as he does for many tour pros! Do not wait and make the switch since your scorecards will reflect the change positively this summer, if not sooner!

    Good Luck!

  6. Mike C

    I am going to have to get on the bandwagon here and agree with a lot of the other comments that you will not be disappointed with the switch.  I moved over to Vokey wedges back in 2009 and have gone through many wedges since.  The available bounce and grind options are second to none and there is a reason why Vokeys are the #1 wedge on tour. 

    Be sure to take time to get fit for your wedges to ensure proper gaping and bounce/grind options.  Once you determine the proper setup, you can even customize the clubs further on the Vokey WedgeWorks site.  They have some really cool personalization options.  The new SM5 wedges coming out very soon will have a wide variety of bounce and grind options so you can just pick up a wedge off the shelf and roll if that is your preference.

    Give it a try and join the "Vokey Nation" it will be a choice you won't regret!

  7. Todd B

    DanO and srstrait hit the nail on the head. Get fit and hit them. I also played Cleves for years. Just sold my 588 rtx's last week. Switched to SM4's about a month ago. I went to Edwin Watts and hit the wedges, and they taylor fit each wedge with the bounce I needed. The bounce on all 3 of my wedges are a lot lower than with my Cleves. The SM4's have a lot better feel and a lot better control on the mid to full shots. Spin I think is probably equal, but with the low bounce on my 60 its got awesome brakes. Overall am happy with the SM4's, just can't believe I have to buy 3 new SM5 wedges now. But can't wait either !! You won't be sorry, buy the SM5's though !!!

  8. Chuck Z

    I too was a cleve wedge player until about a year ago when I bought my first set of used AP2s and decided to try the wedges.  I was using a mixture of Wilson Staff and cleve, but had played cleve forever.  Have not looked my gap wedge, 50 degree is my go to club around the greens and saves me a lot of strokes.  Carry a 50, 55, 60....I love my SM4s and think I will hang onto them for a little while longer......if it ain't broke, no need to fix it......  :-) 

  9. Lou G

    I played CG15 DSG 58 and 64 thru first part of 2009 and switched to SM2 60-07 and 64-07.    The cleves were ok for the most part but were not so great off tight lies.

    I changed from DIY irons in 2011 and wedges to SM c-c (50-08, 54-11, 62-07) in 2011.  Changed the lob wedge to SM4 60-10 in 2012 and briefly played SM c-c 54-14.  Changed sand wedge to SM4 54-11 last year and added back SM4 64-07.   Very happy with the SM4s.  The 60-10 became my main greenside bunker club in 2012.   I use the 54-11 for most of my short game.  The 64-07 is there for some of the San Diego munis with hard greens (National City, Tecolote and Balboa Park).


  10. Sam H

    Vokey wedges are the best out there.  Very excited to get my hands on some SM5's.  Have a question for some of you out there who seem to be quite knowledgable.   I have used the 58-08 model with the M grind for quite some time.  I think it's a very versatile wedge that performs really well.  If anything I have a tendency to get a little steep, and up here in the northeast, most of the courses we play are not firm and fast.  Wondering what the thoughts are on how the new K grind 58-11 may fit given the profile of courses I typically play and being more of a driver/digger than sweeper.  I appreciate the feedback.


  11. Chris S

    Another Vokey loyalist here! Absolutely love 'em. Don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said. 

     Chris S

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