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Scotty Cameron Dream Putter

Peter H


My dream putter is the Scotty Cameron Coronado. I just love the look of the putter and the way if feels. I have been looking for one but I can only find them online. I was wondering if they sell these in any stores anywhere or if they stopped making them?



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  1. Chuck Z

    I spoke with a golfing buddy who works part time at golf shop and SC no longer manufacturers that style.   He is a member of TT and he will contact you. 

  2. Chris S

    Hi Peter,

    Scotty no longer offers the Coronado model. It replaced by the Newport 1.5

    Somewhere online will be your best bet. You can always send it in to Scotty's Custom shop for restoration if need be.

      Chris S

  3. Matt B

    Seen a couple on ebay. I also seen one of the original "Art of Putting" oil can model. You can always get a used and send it in for refinish at custom shop.
  4. Chris92009

    If you become involved in The Cameron Collector website, members often sell their old putters sometimes in perfect condition at reasonable prices... JAT

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