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714 ap1 Irons

larry d

Hi, i recently started looking for a set of irons to buy. i have used png my entire 30 years. now i have begun to hit your AP1 714 irons at the store and really like the feel, look and distance.  i am an average player, about 15 handicap and not a fast swing so i have used regular flex shafts. when at the store i noticed there was two different XP shafts in regular flex. that be the 100 and 300. i am not sure which one i like better or which is better suited for me. what i would like to do is try each set on the course before i buy. Is this possable and how do i go about doing it. i am located just south of Boston, Ma. Thanx  Larry

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Larry,  The R100 is the soft R and the R300 is the standard regular flex.  We did send demo sets to retailers so you will have to check with your retailer or an Advanced Fitters, to see if they have a program that will let you take it out of the store or onto their course. As always, we would recommend getting fit first rather than just trying it.  Sun N Air in Danvers - Matt Bickford is the fitter - 978-774-8180. Pine Oaks GS - Mark Petrucci/Darren McKinnon are the fitters - 508-238-2320.  TPC at Boston - David Corrado is the fitter - 508-285-9874.  These three places are Advanced Fitters in your area.

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