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Christian T

I am at the crossroads in my game and I'm excited about it. I just purchased the new AP1 714's after playing the AP1 712's last year. Unfortunately, I think I should have gone with the AP's. If you play with player irons, when did you truly know that you were ready to make the jump? 

I take the game serious and have good ball working abilities but I am still playing the improvement irons. If I make the switch to the Ap2's, will my ball working ability get better? 

My theory is, if I make the switch, I will mentally discipline myself to slow the club down and focus on great ball first contact every time but if I stay with the AP1's, I can fall into the habit of cheating myself. Does this make any sense to anyone but me?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Cameron D


     You ultimately want to have an iron that produce the most consistency with your game.  You don't want to force yourself into a less forgiving iron and start having inconsistent yardage gapping and carry distances.

    The AP2s will allow for more work ability, but I would go through a club fitting where you and a Club Fitter can determine what model will fit you best.



  2. Dan W

    As Cameron said, by all means talk it over with a fitter.

    But also, think about what it is you're trying to accomplish. My handicap is much too high and only recently I got it through my thick head that my problem is that I'm missing too many fairways. I actually hit my irons solid so me getting new AP2's would not help. Me getting fitted for a new driver, 3W and 2H will help immensely.

    Good luck.

  3. Andrew W

    I'm currently playing the 710 MB.  I made the switch about 4 years ago now and have never looked back.  If your a borderline player they will only help you improve your game.  My ball striking improved a great amount shortly after switching due to the great feedback of the MB.  Handicap dropped from 8-9 down to 2 in just under a year.  I highly recommend getting fitted if you do switch. 

  4. Doug E


    My personal experience is that I was at that same crossroads a couple years ago, as you are now. I really liked the looks of AP2 712s, but was an 11-12 handicap at the time. I wasn't sure I was good enough for them. I had been playing Titleist 755 forged irons previously. I considered the AP1 712s, but just didn't like the thick top line. I knew, I probably needed the forgiveness of the AP1s, but felt the AP2s would force me to strike the ball more cleanly. So I bought the AP2s after a fitting. I only got fit for the AP2s because that's what I had my mind set on. Well, I loved the AP2s I hit them very well in the shorter irons and acceptably in the 6i and 5i.

    About a year went by and I continued to improve. However, not so much with my 5 and 6 iron. So, one day I saw an AP1 712  5 iron on Ebay and picked it up, just to see how it felt. I put it in the bag and left my AP2 5 iron in the trunk. I started hitting good 5 iron shots more often. Then I figure, if that works, let my see how an AP1 6 iron feels. Bought one off Ebay with the same shaft as the 5i. Same, excellent result. When the new AP1 714s came out to rave reviews, I was already sold.

    I still hit my AP2s very well in the shorter lengths so decided there was no reason to change them. But I did order a new AP1 714 5i, 6i, and even a new 7i, all with the same specs as my AP2s from my original fitting. These are awesome clubs for me and as a result, my confidence is now much better when I stand over the ball with a mid-iron in my hands. My confidence has always been good with the AP2 PW, 9i and 8i, so I never considered switching over to AP1 with them. Now I carry a mixed set: 3 Vokey wedges, 3 AP2s and 3 new AP1s  (plus a 24H* and a 913 19H*, 910 17*F, 913 D2). You might want to consider a mixed set as well. It works perfectly for me. I can work the ball right to left with the AP1s, though I am better at it with the shorter AP2s. I was never very good at working it right to left with my AP2 5i.

    When you get fit, be sure to try both. The new AP1 714s are better looking than the 712s, which made the decision much easier for me to swallow. The top line is a bit thinner, though still has a game-improvement look. But, the great performance I am able to get from them far outweighs the GI look. I'll take it if it helps me play better. 

  5. Mike C

    Great comments, Doug.  Once you get fit into the proper loft, lie and shaft you may want to consider a combo set similar to what was outlined by Doug.

    When I switched from the 710 to the 712 AP2s I ordered the 4i and 5i in both AP1 and AP2 with the exact setup to see if I liked a more forgiving club.  I tried the AP1s for a while but liked the feel and look of the AP2s better.  Personally, I could not get over the size of the head and topline on the AP1 at address so the AP2s is what stayed in my bag.  I have hit the 714 AP1s and the head is much more appealing at address.  When I moved on to the 714 AP2s I did not get a combo set but stuck straight with the AP2s.  I did order a 712u 4i when I purchased the 214 AP2s with the same setup to see how I liked it.  For me I have found trying clubs out in my bag and out on the course gives me the best feedback and allows me to compare different products.

    I guess my point here is there is no set combination of clubs that is right for every player.  You need to see what works best for you and what provides the most consistent results.  initially, this is working with a good authorized fitter to get the correct setup.  Next is playing the different permutations you are considering to see what you feel most comfortable with.

    Good luck and, whatever setup you decide is right, as long as you are playing Titleist clubs you will be playing the best!

  6. andy r

    I think if you go to a Titleist certified club fitter and purchase your set thru them I don't see how there can be any doubt.

    They will fit the clubs exact to your specs. going over every detail with you. So no matter what model you choose be it the AP1'S or the AP2'S you should be full of confidence.

    It was the best move if ever made in terms of equipment, after a fitting it October I purchased a set  of  AP1 irons and I could not be happier with result.

    I am hitting them straighter, farther and higher  than I have ever hit any irons.

    Can't really ask for anything more from them, thank you Titleist !!

  7. Christian T

    Thanks everyone for their great feedback, it will go a long way. My biggest issue was that i went to get fitted twice and both times i was told that I am a fitting nightmare. Both guys said no matter what they gave me, i can hit anything. (Great compliment)

    Although, I just really want to get better and enjoy every shot. I would rather miss the green but strike the ball clean rather than hole out with a mis hit.

    Thanks guys and looking forward to another great season.

  8. Tim S

    I have played the 712 MB's and Ap2's and while both are great clubs, you really need to be a great ball striker to get the most out of the MB's. I made the switch to the 712 CB's and never looked back. These may be the best club ive ever felt and hit. Great feel, control and distance. I also use the NXT ball with these and there may not be a better combo....CB's are the perfect club to me and they look great at address

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