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Club Discounts???

Andrew K


I am a college student who plays golf for fun, but I am looking to get better and play on a college team next year.  I recently took a look at my bag and saw how outdated and how bad of condition my clubs were in and decided I'm going to need new clubs to compete in the season.  I currently play swoosh VR pro Driver and 3-wood, swoosh VRS 5-wood, AP 2 710 irons which, and off brand wedges.  I have tried out all of the new Titleist clubs and have fell in love with them, but the cost is too overwhelming for me.  I am trying to save up for the clubs, but it is looking like it is going to cost over $2000 to fill my bag.  Again I am a college student who doesn't have much extra spending cash.  Is there any discounts or deals that could help me bring down the cost for a new set?



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  1. Cameron D


    We do have college programs for players on the golf teams or in Professional Golf Management programs.  Not sure if you are in one of these programs or on the team, but if you are then you can place your order through the program director or coach.



  2. Andrew K

    I am not a part of a Golf Management program, and if I don't end up joining the team is there any other discounts or are those the only ways to get the discounts?

  3. Anders H

    I play for a D3 school, and we get great discounts on Titleist clubs. Not sure we are allowed to post prices, but they are extremely good prices.

  4. Andrew K

    I am looking at a NAIA school for golf next year so will they get the discounts too or is it just for the NCAA divisions? 

  5. Darryl B

    Hey Cameron
    I am going in to the program this year I would love to get a discount on clubs
    Wow love titleist
  6. Evan M

    I've had so many of the same feels.  

    If my cousin wasn't an assistant golf pro at sea island, I would have been in the same boat as you. But thankfully he hooks me up with some sweet deals.


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