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Titleist AP1 714

Greg B

I am new to the TT website here, I am a new golfer of about a year and a half at the young age of 58. My SS with my driver is 85 on average, I currently play G25's not saying anything wrong with them, they are great irons and driver. With that being said I have really been liking the looks of the new AP1's (714) and the 913D2 driver, I usually strike the ball well for the amount of time I have been playing so do you guys think I could game the Titleist irons (AP1) and driver. I just got the mid sized staff bag and love it! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ricky H

    absolutely, positively yes!! I got a set of AP1's about 2 months ago and had the same questions you have. Fear not! these are the greatest irons you will ever buy. I am in the process of changing over to 913 driver and woods and am really looking forward to it. Go ahead, make the jump, you will not regret it!
  2. Potomac Golfer

    Yes -- but please go see a fitter (ideally a Titleist Advanced Fitter if you search this website in the dealer locator), as a custom shaft can make all the difference.  Titleist offers many custom shafts for no upcharge, in order to suit different swingspeeds and launch/spin characteristics.

  3. Richard F

    I have an original set ap1 will update to 714' this year, you will never regret  your purchase.

    I am 66, if I can do it you can

    The originals 2008.

    Richard F.

  4. Don O

    I started older (59) and went through SZ irons and G10's (wrong length, wrong lie, bought "smart" off the net) until I got 712 AP1s.  If you work with a fitter that analyzes your swing, it won't be a bad idea to go back and work on a couple of minor swing changes before getting fit.  You can also look at driver, long hybrids/woods, and wedges to see if any of these will make a bigger change in your score, in conjunction with your fitter.  Unless you've outgrown the G25 setup, AP irons may not change your score as much. 

    As for small swing changes, I've been working on flexibility and some fatal swing errors, so the G15 driver I was fit for 3 years ago (82-84 mph) became a bad fit so a D2 913 lower loft, stiffer shaft (88-90 mph) is much longer (about 30 yards) than the first driver once all the shots started ballooning and dropping with no roll. 

    The AP irons are great equipment and if you feel more confident with them, get them.  My choice came down to G20 and AP1, and the G20 just didn't fit my eye.  Within the quality of my swing at that time, they were equal within tolerance to each other, but both 10-12 yards longer than the G10.

    Congratulations on taking up golf (guessing kids are out of college..).

  5. Frank P

    Go for the AP1's but to echo Potomac Golfer, go to an Advanced Fitter. Its the way to go.

                                                                                                            Frank P

  6. Greg B

    Thanks for the replies guys, as stated I am not an advanced golfer only in my first year and a half. I haven't broken a 100 yet but looking to do so this year sometime. Like I said I am 58 and just love this game, don't get to get on the course like I want but that is going to change also. I do spend a good amount at the local range. My home course is only 5 minutes away here. I game the G25's which I do like but like the looks of the new AP1's better, and just love the looks of the 913D2 driver. I just hope I can hit it with some sucess. I am thinking about taking a day off work and going to GS here in Charlotte,NC and trying out the irons and driver. 

  7. Scott H

    I made the jump and very happy with the decision.  I suggest getting fitted and enjoy the fun. Go For It!

  8. guy s

    I agree make the jump.i was playing TM Rblades 

    got custom fit for ap1.

    not as look but straighter higher ball flight. Feel is incredible

    first time in 4 years I can hit a 5 iron solid.

    GO hit these 

  9. DaveB

    I purchased a set of AP1's in March and have played a few times with them and hit them on the range.  i highly recommend these clubs and agree about getting fit for them.  I got fit at a PGA Superstore in one of the simulators by a Titleist fitter.  I wish I could have done it outdoors, but it was better than buying off the shelf, because the specs were definitely different than I would have gotten buying them off the shelf. You will not regret your purchase. Very solid clubs with great ball flight and forgiveness. 

    Good Luck!

  10. Greg B

    Thanks for the replies, I am still playing the G25's but sometime this year I am going for a fitting for the AP1 714 irons. I like the Pings but I absoutley love the looks of the AP1's. This is something I want to put in my bag for a number of years.


  11. Chuck Z

    guy s

    I agree make the jump.i was playing TM Rblades 

    got custom fit for ap1.

    not as look but straighter higher ball flight. Feel is incredible

    first time in 4 years I can hit a 5 iron solid.

    GO hit these 


    I agree with hitting them straighter.  Titleist makes great irons and always has.  The new AP1s and AP2s are very forgiving clubs.  The reason you are not hitting them as far is probably because of lofts on the clubs.  All of TM's lofts are stronger than Titleist.  In some cases 2-3 degrees stronger.   

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