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Gap in my bag


I recently switched clubs and went to Titleist AP1s with graphite shafts. But now I have a gap in my bag between my 5 wood (18 degree) and 5 iron (26 degree). I have heard that amateurs should carry more woods. Should I fill that gap with a 7 wood or a 4 hybrid? I have no problem getting woods in the air, but I think a hybrid from the rough would be a more appropriate choice. I would love to know what you think.



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  1. AC RixRox

    Hi Nik, Well, a golfer, amateur or otherwise, plays what he hits best. I also play 912 AP1's. In my same gap as yours, I hit a 910H 24*. It took me awhile to learn that dag nabbed club. I love it now that I have learned how to play it. You have to learn how to play every club in the bag. If you can't take it out of the bag.
  2. Tyson F

    I think adding a 4 hybrid is good fit.  I feel it's a bit more useful and easier to hit.  Something around 22* should fill the gap you have nicely, hope it works out for you.

  3. Don O

    A 21 H and a 21 F would depend on the use and how it feels hitting it.  There are long iron, hybrids, and fairway fans.  I personally enjoy my 21 F best of all, with a 24 H and a 5I.  The fairway in general, with a long shaft, will roll out further and take a little more skill to hit from the rough.

    Just find you by trying both, and best fitting your distance gap.

  4. Potomac Golfer

    Some folks hit fwy woods better than hybrids, and vice versa.  You shld try the 913F 21 deg, and also the 913H 24.  Indeed, you might even try the 913H 27 because, despite the overlapping loft as your 5 iron, many people will hit a hybrid farther than an iron with similar loft.

  5. Dan W

    Hello Nik,

    Demo days will soon be upon us. I'd recommend you find when your local Titleist rep is going to be somewhere in your area and go tell him your dilemma. He'll let you try out various woods & hybrids and you can make an informed decision. For me personally, I went with the hybrid because I also use it for those "bump and run" shots when I'm sitting in the rough just off the green.

    Keep it in the short grass.

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