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SLDR vs. Titleist

Ryan E

Curiosity got the best of me today. I dropped my kids off at my moms and on the way home I stopped at golfsmith to demo the new SLDR. I started with a 9.5  and stiff shaft 67grams i think it was. I play 8.5 in my D2 with Rip phenom 70 and hit it about 270 normally. I had to take the SLDR down to 8deg to get same shot specs otherwise it ballooned and only went 245. I think the Titleist face is alot hotter but that weight forward as they have in the Fd and Hd is the way to go. With the Titleist face and forward weight, if they come out with it in driver i think Titleist will embarrass the other company`s.

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  1. Keith M

    Did the same thing a few weeks ago.  Stopped by Golfsmith and wanted to see what the buzz was about on the SLDR.

    Like you, I ballooned the ball a lot.  I came away very unimpressed.  Then I grabbed the one demo 913D2 they had which was a 10.5 with a Diamana black (don't remember the weight) S flex shaft.  (I have the Diamana blue 62 S, in mine.)  Night and day.  I averaged 25 yards further.  Although I had a higher spin rate than optimal, my consistency and distance were far superior to the SLDR.

    Yet another reason why when you go Titleist you never go back.

  2. Chris S

    With Titleist having the weight forward FD and the HD, will the driver be DD?  ;-) just sayin....

    But seriously, I hope if Titleist does come out with a weight forward driver, that they also continue to offer the current style drivers.

     Chris S

  3. Don O

    Just because it was snowing and 8 degrees (F), I went to the local golf show and played with a lot of clubs.  Not one driver went as far as my 913 D2.  I did find 1 FW longer than my 15 F, but it is not enough to get me to a par 5 in 2.  Once you get fit with a Titleist it is so much work just to spend another $ 3-400 just to match what I have.

  4. AC RixRox

    Me too. My Pro asked me to give the SLDR a go. I could not hit it very well. I hit my 913 D2 12* 250+ I just could not get a good feel for the SLDR in one swing session. I think it's a good concept but the proof would be in practicing with it. Some clubs are harder for me to learn. Learning my Titleist 913D2 was like falling off a log! So easy to swing so easy to hit the sweet spot. The Titleist 913D2 just feels right when I pick it up and even better when I strike with it. Swinging the SLDR felt a little awkward and unbalanced. To be fair, maybe because I am not used to swinging it. Just my thoughts on it.
  5. jarrell r

    I play the TM sldr but in a 10.5 loft and I love it.  The jump to me off the club face is a lot hotter then the 913 I use the aldila vs pro to by you stiff shaft.  It's 63 grams I believe and I have had no problem rocking the sldr.

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