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ap1 vs ap2. any regrets

Bryan L

I am coming from png s56 and must decide between the 714 ap1 or ap2. Has anyone purchased either and then had regrets for not going with the other model after using them? Please share your thoughts. Thanks

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  1. andy r

    Hi Bryan,  I had a fitting in October ,ordered and purchased a set of AP1 irons and I must say that it is the best thing I have done equipment wise for my game.

    I could not be happier with the higher ball flight and the added distance.

    Good luck to you.

  2. Tony M

    I had 712 CBs and recently switched to the 714 AP2s.  I only have 3 rounds plus practice sessions on them due to the weather, but so far I love the AP2s.  They feel every bit as good as the CBs when you flush one but aren't nearly as penal, distance-wise, on off center hits.  I got them with the XP95 shafts as that's what I hit best in the fitting.  The long irons are now a joy to hit.  They're still tough directionally, but I now get a nice mid/high flight out of them.  Used to hit mostly low screamers with the CB/DG shaft combo. 

    Godod luck!

  3. Bryan L

    Thanks Andy. Were you debating between the ap1s and the ap2s when you bought your clubs?

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