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Scotty Cameron Spec Question

jason f

I'm wondering if someone could help here. I am in the market for a Scotty, I want either to New Newport 2.5 or last years model 1.5. In every forum i have searched on the two, people say the 2.5 has more offset. Yet on the specs it shows the 1.5 to have a 3/4 shaft offset and the 2.5 to only have a 1/2 shaft offset. I can see that the 1.5 has a little more rounded bumpers than the 2.5 but can someone please verify the difference in the offset for me? I have gamed an orignal png Anser 4 for the last 15 years and i like as little offset as possible. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Cameron D


    They are actually the same at 3/4 shaft offset and offer the same amount of toe flow.  The difference you may notice with the bumpers comes from the design behind the original Newport and Newport 2.  The Newport 2 was designed with sharper and squared bumpers for a more crisp look.  The Newport was designed with rounded bumpers for a more free-flowing look. 



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