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  1. Chuck Z

    Thanks for the info.  I signed up for my free putter yesterday.  ha.  ha.  One in a million chance.  But did put my name in the hat.  Have two Newports and one more of the newer models would be nice. 
  2. Michael JC

    Thanks for the info! I am all in!

  3. Wilson R

    Rick V

    Team Titleist,

    Scotty Cameron is giving away two putters from his new Select line, a new Select Fastback and a new Select Squareback. 

    Go to to enter the drawing.

    Good luck!

  4. Robert L

    I have the Studio Select Newport 2.5 and would love to add to my collection!
  5. vurich

    when is scotty's store opening to the public in encinitas,ca?

    can't wait!

  6. peter a

    I play a Circa 62 and LOVE it. However, I am not averse to the idea of one of Scotty's newest ceations vying for a spot in my bag!! To steal a line from an old lottery marketing campaign in the state of New York, "You gotta be in it to win it!"

  7. Brian D

    What a great opportunity to win one of Scotty's finest for 2014.


    Thanks TT and SC!

  8. Andrew B

    It'd be great if we had the same chance to win one in the UK! 

  9. joe t

    Every time I'm in the pro shop I head for the Cameron's to roll some on the rug. What a great opportunity to finally own one. Good luck to all!
  10. vurich

    Best to you, Joe!

    What a feeling!

    Roll 'em great!


  11. Bryan L

    I am in.  Currently have Circa 62.  Thanks Titleist.

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