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scotty cameron putter

Matthew C

Hey guys Im lookin to pick up a scottycameron. Right now I have an old hand-me-down png Ansr. I have liked the blade type putters so far. I was wondering if there really was an advantage or disadvantage between the two types of putters. Any info is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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  1. Chuck Z



    As the old saying goes. Seeing is believing.  Have you tried a Scotty Cameron?    I would recommend going to a good fitter in your area and take your current putter with you and do some comparisons.  You probably would like the Newport line of putters.  Start with the Newport 1.5 and see how that compares.  I suggested it because it has a short plumberneck shaft similar to the png shafts. Scotty's come in 33, 34, and 35 inches.  I believe the new lines come out the middle of this month.  Spend some quality time and try them all.  SCs are a big investment and I would go ahead and purchase the newest version.  I have two Pings (PAL4, PAL2i) and one cally White Ice #1 in my mancave, which I gave up on.  I have one Scotty in my bag (Newport 2 Notchback)  and another in my trunk (Newport 2), as backup on game day.   I feel you will be very please with the results and see that it a worthwhile purchase.  Good luck.......chuck 

  2. Brian D

    Matt, I have always been a blade type of person as well.  It just looks cleaner in my eyes.  I have 2 Newport 2 Select's that are about 5 years old at this point.  Last year I tried one of my freinds FastBack and I actually liked it.  It was a bit heavier than mine, but if I was in the market to pick up another SC, I would select a FastBack this time.  Like I said, I really love my Newport so it would be more of an impulse purchase if I happen to come across $300.

    I am not 100% sure about an advantage of one over the other, I think it would come down to a preference.

    Attached is the link to the SC web-page.

    There is a brief write up of each putter.  Maybe you will find something specific to fit your game.  Best of luck with the search for your new putter.  Let's us know what you end up picking up.


  3. Chris S

    I agree with Brian here. Putters are a personal preference as to what fits your eye the best. Scotty's are a big investment, so you'd better like what you're looking at considering the putter is the most used club. 

    I myself prefer the mallet style putters over the blade style. 

     Chris S

  4. Chris92009

    Great question....also one aspect that might not be obvious as of yet is that your blade type putters are designed with more "toe flow" which means you swing the putter back and through like a gate opening and closing where the toe opens and closes...versus a mallet which are generally designed to be "straight back and straight through, aka SBST".  I prefer the mallets but many like the what has been said to each his own!

    Good Luck!

  5. Mitchell C

    I agree with the above comments.   Putters are a very paricular choice for every player.  As a proud owner of multiple Scotty Cameron's (Newport 2 ProPlatinum, Newport 2 Select, California Del Mar), the feel, the weighting, the look are just timeless and classic.  I recommend getting fit appropriately for your putter and be aware that they are more on the expensive side, but they are worth the money.  Best of luck, Play Well!

  6. Justinu3

    I like the blades (aka my Newport 2s).... Tried others like GoLo but the NP2 fits my eye better. Definitely try all the types.

    Putting is technique but a lot of it IMO is mental and confidence. Good luck
  7. Tom B

    Listen to the troops here, and go get fitted, and try many and see what you feel most comfortable with.  If you've been pretty good with the anser, then try blades first but don't discount how the mallet may look and feel.  My go to for 10 years has been a Cameron Red X.  But I also have a California Del Mar, that sometimes helps me get out of bad habits just because of the different feel and look.  They are GREAT putters.  BUT you wouldn't want to part with the $$$ if you don't get the right one for you that you feel confident with and works right for you.  Worth taking your time, trying several with a good professional to help you. 

  8. Nikhil R

    I just got a Scotty Newport 2 a week ago.  The deal was too good to pass up. After spending a few rounds with it, I'm a believer.  The weight is great and the feel of the face is amazing.  Just find the right length and style that suits your stroke/stance and go for it!

  9. mark w

    I would recomend that you go try several models to put with at your local "store" compare them side by side. Hit 3, 10,20 ft putts with each. I would do that multiple days. You will find out which style of putter fits your swing the best.


    That said I was fitted for my putter. It took several hours and was very informative. I learned about my putting. My swing path, tendencies, and what I really liked in a putter.

    I bought a SC Newport 2. I think it gives me the best opportunity to putt my best.


  10. John L

    I will say this i love my scotty's. i have 4 of them and im gona order a new one this year again. My feelings about putter selection is the putter picks the player. i usually go to a store that has a good selection and putt around with diffrent models until that one putter just starts working for me. i've always had good luck with scotty's

    cheers greens and fairways 


  11. Michael L

    Hey Matt,

         Scotty Cameron putters are the best putters made. I have 14 Cameron's. Ranging from a 1998 Newport TEI3 to a 2011 Newport 2 Studio Select. They are are Newport's or Newport 2's. My putters vary in weight from 330 grams to 365 grams. It all depends on the speed of the greens that I am playing. They all are 34 inches long and 3 degrees of loft. Once you putt with a Cameron, you will never go back to anything else. It's all about feel and the look that you are comfortable with. Good luck!


  12. killerbgolfer

    You can't go wrong with any Scotty Cameron. There's something to like about all of them. The png is a good putter, but the deep milling, grips, and changeable weights on the new SC putters is impressive. Plus SC has the best head covers hands down. All made in the USA too. 

  13. Allen L

    Putters are like women, some are pretty, some reliable. I played a png for a long time, I'd have good days and bad days with it.  Then I was in a pro shop that had a rack full of Scotty's.  The first thing that got my attention was the machined face of the clubs.  Of the dozen or so I tried out I kept going back to a GoLo mallet, it just swung good, felt good, looked good, and I was making more putts than normal on carpet, then out to the practice green, it was like an awakening, so I laid down the cash and have been putting much better since.

  14. Hotsauce

    You can't top a Scotty.  Just look at the Tour.  Most of the guys who play Camerons (maybe even all of them) don't get paid for it.  In fact they actually lose potential sponsorship money and game a Cameron anyway.  They game a Scotty because it's the best, and they'll make that money up in Tournament winnings.  Look at T Woo and Rory.  With both of them, the last club to switch was the putter, and neither of them have done much without a Scotty in the bag.  Both of them have thrown the Cameron back in the bag at one point too.

    Just pull the trigger.  Scotty has a bunch of nice blades.  The Newport or Newport 2 will look similar but play so much better.  You won't regret it

  15. Michael B

    I have 3 png Anser putters. These were my go to putters, until I finally got a Scotty Cameron Studio Select a few years ago. The weight and feel, of the SC, just feels so right. Now, SC is the only putter I would use.

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