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Swingweight for 913D3, 913Fd, 712 CB

Eric P

Wanted to get some information on swing weight for my current clubs.

Driver: 913D3 9.5 Tour AD DI 6s Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord - 44"

3-wood: 913Fd 15 Tour AD DJ 7s Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord - 42"

Irons: 712 CB Project X 6.0 Golf Pride 2G Wrap - Standard L,L,L

Thanks for the help! 

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  1. Cameron D


    The Driver should swing weight out to D0 (with the 14g weight), the 3 metal would swing weight to C9 (with the 14g weight), and the irons would swing weight out to D1.5.



  2. Eric P

    So currently my driver and 3-wood both have 9g (red) weights. Does that mean they are currently playing at C7.5 and C6.5, respectively?

    Also, my understanding is that as long as your driver and woods are around the same swing weight, you're in good shape. I'm assuming 1 SW pt will not be a huge difference. 

    It sounds like the driver/woods SW vs iron SW is not as big of a deal. Meaning that if your driver/woods play a few SW pts lighter than your irons, it should still be fine.

    What are your thoughts about this? What do you see in most cases? Thanks again for your input!

  3. Cameron D


    You are correct with those swing weights with the 9g weights (give or take .5).  The swing weight is really a personal preference, so if they feel good to you then you should leave as is.  If they feel too light, the woods that is, then you can order individual bezel weights to increase the swing weight.  Players do tend to keep the swing weights somewhat close, but again this can be subjective from player to player. 



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